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The tripod of Christian faith: Holiness, prayer and evangelism


Text: Psalm 93: 5
Holiness: is the life we live; PRAYER is the oxygen we breathe, while EVANGELISM is our duty on earth.

HOLINESS: 1Peter 1: 14-15. Holiness is not a doctrine but the life a believer lives. It is the nature of God. God is faithful and expects us to be faithful as well. In Leviticus 11:43-44, God commanded the Israelites to sanctify themselves before Him. The implication is that Christians should set themselves apart for God as holy vessels. We are to be holy as God and walk as Christ walked. To be holy as God, the scriptures should be our guide. It is the mirror upon which our lives as Christians are constantly examined until we become like God.

Regular study and reading of the Bible transform our lives and make it perfect as God. No Christian can live a holy life without consistently studying and reading God’s word. In 1 Peter 1:15, the scripture cautions that our conversations should be holy. This sends a strong message to all Christians in workplaces, especially Christian sisters who work as secretaries in corporate organisations to comport and conduct themselves before their male superiors in holiness and in all manner of conversations. Generally, Christians should be conscious of the lives they live, when nobody is watching closely.


PRAYER: there is no gainsaying the fact that God does not answer the prayer of sinners (John 9:32). In fact, a sinner is not supposed to pray and ask God for anything except prayer of repentance. Holiness and prayer go side by side. The reason is that we cannot pray well without holiness. On the other hand, without prayer, we cannot live a holy life. Christians are to pray without ceasing. Prayer is the oxygen a Christian breathes for spiritual survival. Anybody or leader that discourages prayer in any guise whatsoever, is an agent of the devil because to live victoriously, prayer is inevitable.

Prayer is the only means to sustain Christian experiences. A Christian dies the day he stops praying. Suffice it to say that Christianity started dwindling when Christians substituted prayer with seminars and conferences. Today, pastors and Christian leaders do not weep over their messages in prayer before going to the pulpit to deliver a so-called sermon; rather, their messages are prepared while watching television. The effect of this obvious neglect of the place of prayer in service to God is spiritual death among the congregation.


To win the devil in the battle of life, we have to take him to the reign of holiness and prayer to confuse and destabilise him. That is what the devil dreads so much! You cannot be on the same level of disobedient, sins and iniquities with the devil and expect victory in battle. (Isaiah 14:12-15; Ezekiel 28:12-15). Prayer without holiness has no force of power. When holiness is fused with prayer, victory is guaranteed.

EVANGELISM: Mark 15:16-17; Ephesians 6:15-17. Evangelism is key to a believer’s life and ministry. But without heart agonising prayer, evangelism will be a mere ruse. No soul can be won to the Kingdom of God without prayer. Evangelism is the only business the Lord left with the Church to do. The Lord has cautioned that we should occupy till He comes. The occupation in the real sense of it is in the field of evangelism, which every believer must occupy himself with. In the scale of preference, evangelism occupies a prominent place among all the instructions Christ gave to His Church (John 9:4; Mark 16:20). Therefore, see it as an urgent task to reach out to the dying world and don’t fold your hands in idleness and watch them die in their sins ‘in your very eyes’!

Let your prayer and commitment on a daily basis revolve round this tripod and pray for the grace to be faithful and live up to God’s expectation in this regard. 

For further reading: 1 Thessalonians 5:17; Matt. 28:19-20; Lev. 11:43-45; 20:7; 1Peter 1:17.


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