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The veil of the wicked – Part I


John Okene. Photo: YOUTUBE

Text: Gen. 38: 6-19

Many people in life, today, are going through a lot of challenges, ranging from a terrible sickness, serious attacks to the enemy sitting on their destiny. There is a great mystery behind unanswered prayers and stubborn problems that defy solution. You could be in a house with a spiritual canopy over it and you say God does not answer your prayers. The enemy right beside you could be responsible for your problems. A young man once said to me, “When the enemy in possession of your goods is the one helping you to search for it then never expect to find it.” You sometimes experience unanswered prayers because you have handed overall information about your prayer request to an enemy who disguises you as a friend. May God expose every mystery of unanswered prayers and stubborn problems in your life in Jesus’ name.


Some years ago, a family invited me to pray in their house because of some strange experiences they had. While I was praying, the maid they brought from the village started confessing that she had carried their baby to the coven several times. She further said that her coming to that home was pre-arranged and she was being used as an agent to execute the plans of the enemies of that couple. They had been in the house with that maid for 2 years but never knew her true identity because she was wearing a spiritual veil. I pray for you that anyone wearing a veil to attack you, may the veil be torn in pieces and their tree identity be exposed in Jesus name. There are some lessons we can learn from our Bible text.

The first is that a repeated issue in your life is a sign that something is not right somewhere, and it may not be scientific (medical) but satanic. Judah’s first son married Tamar and died, the second son did the same and died also, none had a child with her. This is the experience of some people today. There is a power that says anyone that wants to make life better for you will either suffer an attack or die. I make a decree, every power that wants to frustrate your effort in life will die in Jesus name. The second lesson is that a veil is meant to cover the identity of a person. Tamar covered herself and was mistaken for a prostitute. The enemy can cover a man with a veil so that his helpers cannot locate him or his true identity will not be seen. A young man met a lady and followed her to her house for a date. While they were together, they heard a loud and violent knock on the door and the lady told him to jump out through the window because her husband was around. When he did, he found himself landed in a cemetery. He narrated his story to the cemetery guard, who told him that the address of the lady is the grave number of that same lady, who died and was buried there some time ago. The enemy wore a veil to sleep with him, just as Tamar did to Judah.


Tamar understood the weakness of her father-in-law and so the enemy attacks based on one’s weakness. This is the third lesson we can learn from that scripture. Some people’s weaknesses could be women, alcohol, or even money. A young man thought he had a special grace for keeping money when he discovered he was always being made a treasurer everywhere he went. By the time he realised his weakness in handling money, it was too late. He had squandered people’s money in his possession and was publicly disgraced. Any power targeted to attack your weak point, may God disgrace them in Jesus’ name. The fourth lesson is that the enemy works with information and most times, such information is ignorantly disseminated by you when you fail to control your tongue. Tamar was informed that Judah was going to meet his sheepshearers and she set him up on the way. Note that the devil is not omniscient, but gets information through his agents. So, be careful what you say to those you call friends. Every information the enemies got to use against you, we retrieve it from their system in Jesus’ name.

Rev. John Okene, Divine Touch Int’l Ministries, Warri, Delta State.
Prayerline: +2348135952623


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