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The violent taketh it by force – Part 5


Kunle Adigun

Continued From Last Week
I have endeavoured, by His Spirit to explain Matt 11:11-13 as it relates to Divine plans and purpose of endtime worldwide evangelism in this final Hour of God’s programme for the church. I also perceive a gentle prodding of the Holy Spirit to bring out from Matt. 11:11-13, lessons as it relates to every believer in this present day Church. There are actually seven lessons that can be highlighted.

• The devil does not care as long as the kingdom of God and its benefits remain a prophecy in our lives. Please, note that violence manifested against the kingdom as soon as it left the realm of prophecy. “For all prophesied until John the Baptist (Matt 11:13) but as soon as the prophecy became a reality, the kingdom of God was hindered from advancing.

• The benefits of the Kingdom can only be birthed in our lives and ministry only through the travail of warfare, intercession and supplication. The same applies to the long-awaited latter rain revival. Therefore, every believer needs to change strategy for effective results (Rev. 12:2; Is 66:7-9, Gal 4:19)

• Intense violence against your life is a sure sign that the seed of the kingdom has been planted in your life (Rev. 12:2-4). There is always a satanic resistance to the advancing of the kingdom in all its facets in our lives.

• The Kingdom seed planted in your life can never germinate until you do violence against the Kingdom of Satan. This includes the violence of warfare, prayer and fasting, etc.

• In this violence, you are not alone. God’s warrior angels are working together with you (Rev 12:7) Therefore, you cannot lose (Rom 8:31). When Jesus warred in the garden of Gethsemane to blind the kingdom of darkness to Divine purposes, angels of God were at hand to strengthen Him. (Luke 22:43-44)

• Moments of victories ought to be times of greater consecration to avoid a blow back effect (Rev 12:13)

• Even in these times of deeper consecration you need to rest fully upon Divine help that God will make available (Rev 12:14-16).

The violence started in the days of John the Baptist because it was the time when the prophecy of God’s Kingdom left the realm of prophecy and became a reality. It was also the time of the revelation of the Sonship of Jesus, a revelation that the devil will do anything to oppose. Even today, the Kingdom of heaven suffers violence and only those who can do violence against the Kingdom of darkness taketh it by force.

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Bro. Kunle Adigun

Friends of the Bridegroom International Ministries (FOBIM)

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