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The war against COVID-19 – Part 9


S. I. Okelezoh

The Birth, Spread And Altar Of Coronavirus
Are you a Christian or a Christian?

The tree of crisis (i.e. the tree of the knowledge of good and evil), was planted in the Garden of Eden, as an Edenic crisis, it became endemic. From Edenic, which is the beginning of life crisis, the crisis became endemic. But Edenic-endemic crisis was meant to spread globally, thus it became a pandemic crisis.

It was a crisis between virtues and viruses. The first advocate in these crises was a pro-virus agency, who undermines the pro- virtuous agent. The pro-virus agent was the first to launch the offensive. Satan took the offensive to the serpent and then to Eve and Eve to Adam. A pattern of infection and transmission was thus formed.


The tree of knowledge of good and evil explains how the good Lucifer became an evil angel and then Satan the devil. He was made good as Lucifer, but chose to become evil by corrupting and defiling himself to be evil. This is wickedness.

The whole world became ONE DNA LANGUAGE of evil and corruption and this was passed on from one generation to another, until the coming of Christ, Who RESTORED back to us the original good, which is God’s generation in Adam and Eve that was LOST and DEAD.

Now, the current battle is against God’s DNA in man (Christian) versus Satan’s DNA in man (unbeliever). The FLOOD of Satan is a global one seeing to wash off, pervert all the Godly DNAs in the sons of God on earth. If the eye is single…. with the eye comes desire. The desire of the righteous is only good.


So, I ask again, are you a Christian or a Christian?

A true Christian possesses the following qualities:
• Is holy,

• Is the righteousness of God in Christ,

• Is pure,

• Is just,

• Is the light of the world,

• Is the salt of the earth,

• Is love,

• Is true,


• Is faithful,

• Is a saviour sent from the Saviour (Christ),

• Is a healer,

• Is a deliverer,

• Lays hands on the sick and conducts healing, and

• By the much anointing ‘in’ and ‘on’ him the yoke is destroyed.

Crisis is a product of Satan the devil. God is not the author of confusion or crises.

Hey! Don’t stand on the podium of National Broadcast on a daily basis as a Christian and impersonate a Christian to mislead people and downplay the sacrosanct and Holy doctrine of Christ.

• The laying on of hands is one of the sacraments of Body of Christ which is His church.

• The holy communion sits as the number one sacraments of Christ’s union with His Redeemed people.

• It is important to control your lips, tongue, mouth and head. It is not everything, ideas, thoughts and imaginations that flow with the profane personality that you carelessly push out. Put a strong zip on your utterances to prevent the abominable. God bless you.

Bishop Dr. S. I. Okelezoh, Ministry Of Perfection Church


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