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‘There is hope for Nigeria, if we all do the right thing’

By Omiko Awa and Isaac Taiwo
30 December 2018   |   4:22 am
As the year draws to an end, ushering in 2019, many people would want to hear from clerics to know what the future holds and the way to go, especially...

Chukwuemeka Samuel Uche

As the year draws to an end, ushering in 2019, many people would want to hear from clerics to know what the future holds and the way to go, especially with the coming general elections. OMIKO AWA and ISAAC TAIWO went to clerics to find out this.

‘We Must All Join Hands To Work For A Progressive, Prosperous Nigeria’
(Prelate, Methodist Church, Dr. Chukwuemeka Uche)
My message to Nigerians is that they should be patient with one another because God loves Nigeria. We cannot afford to have a disintegrated or disunited nation. We must all join hands to work for a progressive, prosperous Nigeria where tribe and ethnicity would not be an issue, where we would see ourselves as one and building a virile nation.

I call on Christians to practise what they hear from preachers and for preaches too to practise what they preach. This is what will make us have a good country.

My expectations are many. First, that God should bring total healing to all the problems of Nigeria, that there should be tolerance among the politicians and for them to see each other as brothers. That campaign for leadership positions should not be a do or die affair, but rather a harmonious and cordial one. I want everyone to play politics with maturity, kindness and according to the rules. I want the people’s votes to count and the best candidate to emerge.

Secondly, I want insurgents to lay down their arms and understand that they are pursuing a wrong course. I look forward to seeing many of them surrender their arms and begin to work for the growth and development of the nation.

Rev. Dr. Alfred Adewale Martins

‘We Must Never Lose Hope In The Only Country God Has Given Us’
(Catholic Archbishop Adewale Martins, Archbishop of the Metropolitan See of Lagos.)

First of all, we must say thank you to God. If not for God, given all the troubles and circumstances of the outgoing year, we would not be here at all. My message to Nigerians is that, we must never lose hope in the only country God has given us. This is the only country we have and we cannot go elsewhere, so we should never lose hope. Things will get better. All we need do is to take the necessary actions and leave the rest to God. We should be able to hold our leaders accountable for their deeds. We should begin to interrogate our leaders and the politicians, ask them to give reasons we should continue to trust them. Nigerians must never lose hope.

We must realise that 2019 is very significant in the life of our nation. It is our election year and this is very crucial for the wellbeing of Nigerians. So, we must pay very careful attention to those canvassing for our votes, those vying for the various positions at all levels. We should ensure that those we are voting for are credible candidates and have the welfare of the people at heart and also to develop the country. They must be those who would ensure that every Nigerian gets his or her rights. We must vote for those who would advocate the right to freedom of worship without any sentiment. We need to put this into consideration in whatever state we are before we vote for anyone. We must also ensure that competent people are voted for and not just anybody. Steer clear of sentiments and ethnic bigotry.

The signal that some people are importing arms and encouraging thuggery is making a lot of people nervous and terrified; we should stand up against this. Politicians should be careful of their utterances and not bring down the polity, which is already heated.

We want government that would protect the people, pay attention to security and rise against any form of crime and provide jobs.


‘Shun Violence And Vote For People Genuinely Interested In Moving Nigeria Forward’
(Felix Omobude, President, Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria)
Nigerians should look forward to the New Year with hope and we should all be willing to move the nation forward by contributing our quotas at all levels, especial as the year would be a monumental one with the elections. We must shun violence and ensure we vote in people who are genuinely interested in moving the nation forward. We must examine the antecedents of those seeking our vote, what they have done before and their record generally. We must not vote in people because they are from our region, village or share the same faith with us. We should rather look at the credibility of every politician and vote in God-fearing and hardworking people who would move Nigeria forward.

Nigerians want regular and adequate electric power supply. Nigerians want peace, prosperity and easy access to doing business, as well as freedom to practise their faith.

Taiwo Akinola

There Is Hope For Nigeria, If Leaders And The People Do The Right Thing
(Bishop Taiwo Akinola, Presiding Bishop, Rhema Christian Church and Towers, Sango Ota, Ogun State)

Nigerians should move closer to God; fear him and abide by his words, and our country will flourish. There is hope for Nigeria, if our leaders and the people do the right thing. What we are currently experiencing is the by-product of the people not fearing and honouring God.

Nigerians, go out and vote, vote according to your conscience, but do not sell your votes. Avoid crime or any action that would prompt crisis. There is hope for Nigeria and the people, but we must vote for leaders that can drive this hope. Leaders that would close the gap of the gross disparity inherent in the nation’s planning and haphazard execution of projects, leaders that can create employment opportunities for its youths. We want leaders that care about people’s welfare, lives and security.

Most Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Udofia, Primate, The African Church, Worldwide

‘Nigerians Must Submit To God, Allow Him To Rule Over Us’
(Primate, African Church, The Most Revd. Emmanuel J. Udofia)
We thank God for keeping us as we enter the New Year, 2019. I look forward to a prosperous and peaceful year for all Nigerians, including those outside the country. I know that God is still in charge of the entire universe and would give us a peaceful election. I believe God would protect and preserve every Nigerian.

However, to get this calmness Nigerians should show love to one another; tolerate one another and live in harmony. When we do this, we would attract investors and improve our economy.

Nigerians should draw near to God; it is only him that can guarantee security and prosperity. Nobody can enjoy the blessings of a particular family without being a member of that family. It is when we become members of God’s family that we can enjoy the blessings of the Lord.

So, for us to enjoy liberty, freedom and blessings, we must have constant fellowship with him. God has many things for the country and Nigerians should key into Him to get these beautiful things. Nigerians must submit to God and allow Him to rule over them. We must allow Jesus to have mastery of lives and be ready to please Him and walk in accordance to His desire and obey Him. If Nigerians can do these, we will enjoy liberty in 2019.