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There is nothing God can’t turn around – Part 1


Prophet Sunday O. Nwabeke

In the beginning, God entered the darkness and displayed His turnaround nature. He spoke words that turned darkness into light and filled the emptiness with fruitfulness. His power brought order into the chaos.

Our Creator God turned the dust of the earth into breathtaking birds of the air and into beasts of the field. He turned Adam’s rib into his helpmate, Eve (Genesis 2:19).

God revealed Himself as humanity’s turnaround God — and ever since that moment, the enemy has sought to turn back what God has destined to turn around. From his first approach in the garden to Adam and Eve, the enemy came to manipulate and try to reverse God’s turnaround. Sin entered and sought to stop every broken life being restored and every lost soul is found.


The enemy came to steal, kill, and destroy what God came to heal, find, and restore (John 10:10).

God’s turnaround power came in the form of His Son, Who demonstrated once and for all that there is nothing God cannot turn around.

No death, no curse, no enemy can hold back God’s turnaround power. The cross of Jesus Christ became the turning point for all humanity to receive their Saviour. Christ took every bondage, sickness, and sin — and He paid the price to turn it around. He experienced death in order to attain life and freedom for us. God gave us the gift of a Saviour Who would reside within our lives. He took our lost eternity and gave us the choice to turn to Him and receive eternal life. We are now the custodians of that same turnaround power.

As God’s people, His Spirit rests within us. We are commissioned to work with Him to turn our world around, to speak into the darkness and bring forth His light, and to find those who are bound and bring them His gift of freedom. We have been given authority to turn around injustice with His justice and hopelessness with His hope. Yet often, we allow our doubts to question this power and let our fears contain this freedom.

We cannot allow our circumstances to compromise what Christ paid the highest price to attain. We must awaken our hearts, stir up our faith, and begin to look again at the places God has positioned us in.

We need to see with new eyes the possibilities that our turnaround God can create in the places where no one else sees the potential. We must seek to be the ones who bring answers where others only see problems. We need to shake off the complacency that can so quickly enter our hearts, causing us to settle for less than His Word promises. There are so much more for your life to embrace, so many breakthroughs for you to play your part in. We need a greater revelation of what we are, and in that understanding, we can grow greater confidence in what He has called us to do.


Turnaround Commitment
Most Christians would say amen to scriptures that speak of God’s turnaround nature. We want to follow a God Who can make the unlivable places livable again, Who can bring prosperity to the land and restore it to its former glory (Isaiah 58:12). While we love to speak of God and His incredible power, and we may say amen and even teach the lessons, that does not necessarily mean we really believe it.

It’s only when we start to act on what we amen that we begin to discover how certain we are of God’s turnaround ability.

If we go into the desolate places to bring change only on the strength of a message we once heard, then when the desolation heightens, our commitment weakens.

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