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Three keys to your elevation – Part 1



Today, the Lord wants to open our eyes to three special keys to our elevation. No doubt, everyone desires to be lifted from whatever level to another level. The truth is that life does not treat all men equally. There are many of us who are still at the junction of expectation waiting eagerly for the next level. There are those of us who are anxiously waiting at the land of promise expecting to be transported to the land of fulfillment.

The journey from the land of promise to the land of fulfilment is often filled with many situations and circumstances that only the divine hand can make the difference. Some had waited for too long have given up while some have developed strange feelings and attitudes at those around them especially people they thought could have assisted them but failed.

Recently, God inspired me through a Guest Minister as he was talking about the life of Joseph. I took the time to think about what transpired for about 13 years in the life of Joseph before he became the Prime Minister of Egypt. I believe his dilemma became worse after Chief butler promised to help him out but forgot about him. (Gen. 40:23) I considered that the greatest assault on his aspiration and should have demoralized him. But God did not forget His son. May the same power lift you up in due season. Amen.


The Three Keys:
If you are one of those going through difficult, disappointing, depressing situations or suffering neglect, I believe this message is for you today. Let me state that many times, the road to the top always begins with a downward movement. You may need to go down for you to go higher. If you are going to experience elevation.

• Cease From Man
This means you should take off your eyes from a man no matter how lofty and reliable his promises are. Give every man the allowance of his fickleness. Who could have believed that the butler would forget Joseph in a hurry. But that is a man. Isaiah 2:22 says, “Sever yourself from man.” Live your life in such a way that you can enjoy whatever privileges man offers but don’t become too dependent that when he removes the shock, you will not be able to stand. (Jer. 17:5) Let a man be a man and let God be God. Many of us have become so devastated and lost the will to stand because we put too much trust in man. So cease from man.

One cold night, a billionaire met an old poor man outside. He asked him, “don’t you feel cold being outside, and not wearing any coat?” The old man replied, “I don’t have it but I got used to that.” The billionaire replied, “Wait for me. I will enter my house now and bring you one. “The poor man got so happy and said he will wait for him. The billionaire entered his house and got busy there and forgot the poor man. In the morning he remembered that poor old man and he went out to search for him but he found him dead because of cold, but he left a NOTE, “When I didn’t have any warm clothes, I had the power to fight the cold because I was used to that. But when you promised me to help me, I got attached to your promise and that took my power of resisting.”

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