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Tongues: The launching pad into the supernatural – Part 2


Rev. Theodore Effiong

Now in 1 Corinthians 13:1, 2 Paul actually outlined the nine gifts of the Spirit that can be subdivided into three groups (vocal, revelatory and power gifts). He began with the first group of vocal gifts, specifically mentioning tongues and prophecy.

He then goes on to the revelatory group of gifts, mentioning knowledge and indirectly referring to both the gifts of the word of wisdom and discerning of spirits by the phrase “understanding all mysteries.”

It is an all-inclusive statement. He then goes on to the power gifts. Specifically mentioning faith and again indirectly referring to the gifts of healings and miracles by the phrase “I can remove mountains.”


What I want you to see is ever before you can climb to the realm of operating in the revelatory or power gifts, you begin first in the vocal gifts of which the first is tongues.

The more you pray in tongues, the higher you climb in the operation of the gifts.

Apostle Paul operated in all the nine gifts of the Spirit and was evidently used of God more than any other of the apostles. There must have been something he was doing in secret that others were not doing. What was his secret?

“I thank my God; I speak in tongues more than you all.” – (1 Corinthians 14:18)

Kenneth Hagin spoke in tongues so much that at times he found it difficult to come back down to the natural plain.

When his wife would ask him what he wanted to eat, he’d respond in tongues. He also experienced just about all the gifts of the Spirit at one time or another in his ministry.

Smith Wigglesworth read 1 Cor. 14:18 and decided he will live like Paul and speak in tongues more than everybody else. He also operated in the supernatural more than everyone else in his days.

When men saw Kathryn Kuhlman on the platform it was as if a being from another planet entirely was standing before them. The truth of the matter was she discovered the secret and prayed in tongues for several hours daily.


Worldwide evangelist Dave Robinson was an unknown entity. Then he locked himself up for a period of three months praying in tongues eight hours a day.

At the end of that discipline, the gifts of healing, miracles, discernment of spirits, faith etc. all exploded into life through him in a service he was invited to attend as a member of the congregation. He ended up becoming the main attraction. Thereafter his worldwide ministry exploded.

I was the chief usher and chairman of the counselors and ushers committee during the Calabar for Christ Crusade in Calabar Stadium in the early 90s.

The late Benson Idahosa was the main speaker. As I went to receive him from his car, he greeted me in tongues and embraced me in tongues.

I ushered him to his seat and stood by his side, throughout to the time he was to be introduced. For over half an hour till he was called to preach he was speaking in tongues. He then climbed the platform and miracle after miracles began to take place.

Paul said in 1 Corinthians 14:14 “He that speaketh in an unknown tongue edifieth himself.”

The word edify comes from the word edifice. And edifice is a building that stands out in a city, like a stadium. For you to stand out in your city, nation and generation you need to pray more in tongues.

“But ye, beloved, building up yourselves in your most holy faith, PRAYING IN THE
HOLY GHOST.” – Jude 20

• Rev. Theodore Effiong, Assemblies of God Church, Calabar Or Prayer To All Nations (PTAN), Prayer City, Calabar. CRS. Email:; Phone – +234 9030012007, +234 7031921770

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