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Treasure Obi: Eight-year-old motivational speaker


Treasure Obi is an outstanding, unusually bold eight-year-old spoken word artiste. She uses her medium to inspire both the young and old wherever she has opportunity to perform. She said: “I have a big computer brain that can store intellectual things and poems.” She is using her creative works to create positive impact on humanity.

It’s always interesting whenever she performs because, aside beautiful and powerful poems, the boldness with which she carries out these tasks is simply mind blowing. Many times, people have testified to the intense emotions she arouses in them, when she performs. Indeed, television hosts are always awed by her talent. She is truly a smart young role model.

As the Smart Young Role Model Ambassador, she chose to carry out humanitarian services. She is a child with a heart of gold and doesn’t like seeing people begging or suffering. Whenever she goes out with her mum, she always compels her to give to street beggars. Sometimes, seeing people in pathetic conditions make her cry. And towards alleviating people’s suffering, she has visited hospitals and orphanages, where she motivated children with her speech and spoken word, as well as donated valuable gifts.

In the course of her budding career, she has had the opportunity to put smiles on people’s faces, soothing edgy nerves with the life changing contents of her spoken words. Best of all, she has visited a lot of places and met people she would not have ordinarily met. She has thus gained a lot of mentoring and encouragement from personalities and celebrities.

In the long run, it is her desire to receive invitations to perform at national and international conferences, schools, churches, television and radio interviews and endorsement deals, among others. She also dreams of building a big business.

Her journey began four years ago, when she was chosen to give the opening speech at the graduating ceremony of Nursery pupils. Her teachers gave her the written speech, and she had to acquaint herself with it. Surprisingly, when they called her for the rehearsal, they discovered that she was not looking at the paper. Rather, she was saying everything offhand.

On the D-day, they still gave her the paper, but she did not need it, as she gave the entire speech without one glance at the paper.

Needless to say that everyone was pleasantly surprised at the brilliant four-year-old nursery two pupil. As a matter of fact, some parents at the event gave her cash gifts, while others congratulated and gave her big hugs for the amazing feat. Her grandparents and mother were also present and were very proud of her.

Since then, she had presented a poem in church for the first time during a special programme and has presented so many more afterwards at Children’s Day celebration, Mother’s and Father’s Day, Independence Day and conferences, among others.

Of all these programmes, the one that really brought her to limelight was the Smart Role Model Contest organised by Pascal Herald. She contested and won the Smart Young Role Model category. She is currently the Ambassador for Smart Young Role Model (SYRM) 2018.

The money she makes from the business, she saves for her education, career pursuit and dream business.

Since there’s no worthy cause without challenges, hers is no exception. It is not easy for an eight-year-old to combine schoolwork and spoken word. It requires having to memorise different poems for different occasions, delivering them perfectly and also excelling in school. So, at the end of the day, Obi has to put in double effort to succeed on all fronts.

Despite these challenges, however, she is set on her career path at this very young age, and is optimistic that she is on the right track.

On her advice to other kids, she said: “If you have a passion or dream, follow it and never give up. For example, your classmates may doubt your ability to perform certain tasks. Don’t listen to them. Believe in yourself and know that you can do it.”

Obi, SYRM humanitarian ambassador was discovered during Unique Happy Home Media And Communications Leadership Reality Show Contest, titled, ‘Inspire The Generation.’

She has touched many lives by giving hope to the sick during her humanitarian tours, as well as through her motivational speech and spoken words. Aside all this, she is also extending a helping hand to poor, sick children and orphans.

She needs support to fulfil her humanitarian works. Getting sponsors for her humanitarian projects, ‘Build For Homeless Children, Street​ Kids and putting her creative works in CDs/DVDs has been a very big challenge. She is yet to get brand endorsement, sponsors, investors and private individuals to help her carry out her mandate on a larger scale.

Obi is into poetic entertainment shows and event host/compere. She is also into kids fashion show, acting, poets rhythms for music, kids columnist poet, writing for newspaper and magazines, motivational and inspirational speaking at conference and seminars, presenting (TV, Radio…) for private and public shows.

Her mission is to transform African leadership with young inspirational, innovative and performing leaders. She looks forward to building African institutions to groom and develop young leaders that will move the continent forward.

She runs a media campaign known as Treasure Media Campaign Tour live on Rave TV and JYBTV. Her team carries out humanitarian activities with the aims of reaching out to less privileged children, poor sick kids and street kids.

She hopes to use her charity to raise funds to fulfil her humanity vision 2028, which is to build homes for orphans and homeless children on the streets and refugees camps.

Obi can be reached through her management team on: 09092174721, 07085775034

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