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Trusting the lord for daily supply


Text: 2 Corinthians 9:10
The situation in the country, today, necessitates a message of this sort, because the attention of God’s children has shifted to ordinary man for their daily supply and assistance. This is a clear demonstration of lack of trust and faith in God, Who can provide sufficiently for His children, notwithstanding the times and seasons.

The trust little creatures, such as birds, reptiles and animals on the land and in the sea repose in God for their daily supply, is quite awesome and challenging to every true child of God, whom God values more than ordinary creatures. These creatures do not skip their meals for any reason; their supplies are regularly guaranteed. But man that was created in God’s own image lives in palpable fear of how to survive on daily basis.

The problem of man, especially children of God is lack of faith in the living God for his provision. God is our sufficiency; He has all it takes to supply all needs in life. It is sad, today, to see some believers begging for money from fellow church members. It is rather encouraged to use such precious time to ask the Lord in prayer for divine provision.


No child of God should bother himself with what the government is sharing; rather, his focus should be on God. As long as a Christian is constantly connected to the source of supply in prayer on daily basis, his provision in life is guaranteed. This is one of the areas where Christians have missed it! So, many believers are disconnected from the Source, which is why they live in abject poverty and daily want. There is no Christian that is in constant fellowship with God that will lack anything. But unfortunately, some people go to bed hungry, not because they wish to, but because there is no means. This is a misnomer and contrary to God’s will. 

Until all attention is shifted to God for all supplies, people of God may find it difficult to survive at a time like this. In fact, the recent scourge on the entire world has proven that man has no solution to man’s pressing needs. Trusting in man could be very futile and counter-productive. Therefore, depend on God for your provisions.

The first step to get connected to God at this time is to repent from sin and rekindle hope in the room of prayer.

For further reading: Psalm 147:8, 9; Job .38:41; Psalm 104:21-28; Job41: 1-34; Psalm144: 15-16; 121:1-8; Matt. 6:25; Gal.6:8.

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