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Ayo Daniels

Why did God create marriage? God created marriage to reveal His nature. Marriage was never man’s idea, so man cannot adequately define its intricacies. Marriage is a heavenly concept with divine implications. Marriage is so important that God didn’t waste a moment from the beginning introducing this awesome institution for the benefits of mankind. Marriage isn’t just a part of God’s perfect Creation; it is also His beautiful gift to humanity. Everything God created was for a purpose. He gave man all for food, pleasure, to cultivate, subdue, replenish and rule, being the steward of the Earth (Genesis 1:26-28, 31, Genesis 2:24)

The Bible remains our reference in defining what marriage means from the principle of first mention before man’s known civilisation. So, what does the Bible say about marriage? Why did God create this beautifully messy thing called holy matrimony? These are often thoughts expressed by humans out of their interactions in marriage. God made everything to show His nature. Every star, plant, animal, cell, light, wind, and sound were created for a purpose (Romans 1:20).


Creation was only good until the introduction of man and woman who made it very good. God’s decision to bring the man and woman together in marriage wasn’t an afterthought, but for His purposes to be fulfilled through the family unit. He used marriage to masterfully paint a picture of His love and redemption plan for man. Marriage is above any earthly institution. It is not just a man and woman living together with a legal document signed by the state in a ceremony. Marriage is an earthly symbol of a heavenly truth.

Marriage is a picture of Christ and His relationship with His church, which is premised on love and commitment. God created marriage for cooperation, companionship, compassion and teamwork. The symbol of unity within marriage is a powerful tool for stability in the society beyond the desires of the married couple. Their relationship, when they choose to operate in obedience to God’s Word, is the representation of the gospel, the redemption of man being reconciled through Christ to God.

Ayo Daniels, a family life passionate, writes from Lagos. You can reach him on

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