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Unveiling witchcraft – Part 1

By John Okene
14 July 2019   |   3:59 am
The original meaning of the word “witch” Is to cast an evil spell on a person. While the word “craft” means a skilled practice or a practical occupation.


Text: Nahum 3:1-4, Ezekiel 8:7-12
The original meaning of the word “witch” Is to cast an evil spell on a person. While the word “craft” means a skilled practice or a practical occupation. It also means trade, job or business. Therefore, witchcraft is a department in satanic kingdom that specialises or is skillful in casting spell or manipulating people. Witchcraft is much more complicated than we can ever imagine. Their operations and manifestations have become complex. This power creates problems and proffers solutions, which will lead to stronger bondage. This power offers credit facilities without definite date or time of repayment. It offers immediate solution with future troubles.

The spirit of witchcraft is an evil spirit empowered by Satan to manipulate the affairs of men on earth, with the ultimate aim of inflicting sufferings and pains and even death. This spirit is very subtle, it manifests the real nature of Satan, and shows who he really is; an undercover wicked being. A lot of people are going through untold pains and troubles today because they do not understand the operation of this anti-destiny power called witchcraft. This power is number one public enemy and has done great havoc to the lives and destinies of men and also ruins families. Behind every bondage, affliction, torment and demonic influence is witchcraft.

A lady came to me for deliverance; I discovered she had bandage tied round one of her hands. When I inquired what happened to her, she explained that she had a dream where her hand was bitten by an animal. Days later her hand began to swell and decay. She went for surgery, four months later, yet it became worse. At the time I saw her, it was already one year. I placed her on a seven days fasting and prayer programme. On the seventh day, I ran her through deliverance. During the deliverance, she kept her phone on silence. By the time she picked up the phone she saw 34 missed calls from one person. The person that called her was her ex-lover. When she called back the person was screaming and saying “the fire you sent is too much, I will confess”. He later confessed that he donated the girl’s hand in the coven. He told her to remove the bandage and when she did she saw fifty dead giant ants on the hand. Two weeks later, the hand was totally healed. I decree today, every witchcraft activity in your life comes to an end now in Jesus name.

Nahum 3:1-4, gives us a clear picture about the reality and operations of witchcrafts. They sell families through witchcraft. Satan knows that the family is the pivot of the society and seeks to capture it through his deceptive manipulation with the spirit of witchcraft. That is why the devil always plants a witch in every family in order to propagate his agenda. It is a known fact that many of our problems started from the family and so if we can deal with this power, we can live a meaningful life on earth.
“Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live” – Exodus 22:18

This demonic power is so destructive that God said, this power should be exterminated when identified. Witchcraft, harlotry or prostitution are strange bed fellow. Witchcraft abounds wherever there is prostitution. Prostitution is the mother of witchcraft and many people have been ruined through sex induced by witchcraft. Some have been initiated into witchcraft by committing immorality with prostitutes.
Prayer Points
• Power of witchcraft in my family line, die!
• O God arise, deliver me from the spirit of witchcraft.
• Every witchcraft manipulation in my life expire by fire!
• Father! Every witchcraft bird flying because of me, in the name of Jesus die!
• Witchcraft vultures, vomit my blessings by fire!
• Father! Any person that is a witch and close to me, expose now by fire!
• Witchcraft in my foundation, in the name of Jesus die!
• Witchcraft covenant in my family line, in the name of Jesus break!
• Caldron of darkness, cooking my life or destiny, scatter by fire!
• Coven powers assigned against me, in the name of Jesus die!
• Any sickness in my body sponsored by coven powers in the name of Jesus die!

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