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Unveiling witchcraft – Part 3



In 2 Kings 9:22, Jezebel is regarded as being synonymous with witchcraft. The spirit of Jezebel, which is also connected to witchcraft, is one of the most deadly evil authorities or influences on individuals.

The spirit works covertly to dismantle or truncate men’s destinies. One of the modus operandi of witchcraft is to manipulate its victims.

Manipulation is exerting shrewd or devious influence, especially for one’s own advantage. Wherever you see manipulation, seduction and devilish control, witchcraft is always present. These are the triple forces witches use- to keep their victims in captivity.


A particular woman came to see me concerning her husband. The husband had a stroke and was diabetic. We prayed for him and he was able to walk for the first time after two years of paralysis.

The elder sister of the paralytic man insisted on taking him to another place for prayers. She took him to a demonic prayer house. Three days later, the legs began to swell and decay. Two weeks after, the doctors decided to amputate the leg. This man was always seeing his wife in the dream chasing him with a cutlass. When I later saw him after much pleading from his wife, he accused his wife as the witch that was tormenting him. So, I prayed with him and decreed “whosoever that is responsible for your case will be unmasked and disgraced within fourteen days.” He said a big amen, thinking it was his wife.

By the seventh day, the sister that he loved so much, and who took him to the fake prayer house was unmasked. Her legs begun to decay and she confessed that she was responsible for the man’s predicament. Secondly, she confessed that she was using the face of the wife to attack the brother in his dream.

Here was a man thinking his wife was a witch, not knowing the person behind the issue was wearing a mask of the wrong identity to attack him. What was her reason for attacking her brother? According to her, he asked the brother for one million nairas, but he only gave her eight hundred thousand naira. That is wickedness in operation.

Evil shall slay the wicked: and they that hate the righteous shall be desolate. Psalm 34:21

I decree that any person using witchcraft powers to attack you and he or she is pretending to be a friend, may they be unmasked now in Jesus’ name.


What happened to the man in the above case study was high-level manipulation. Someone behind the scene was orchestrating what is befalling you, yet smiling at you. That is the trademark of witchcraft.

If this system or power called witchcraft is annihilated, 60 percent of the calamities befalling mankind will be over. This power abhors progress with perfect hatred. Anytime you see a man’s progress arrested, witchcraft might be behind it. This power turns a person that is supposed to be great into a vagabond. It is responsible for diverting men on the high way to destiny.

Witchcraft powers always set a detour for men to deviate from the original plan God has for their lives. Today, many people have unknowingly deviated from their primary assignment on earth and given another shipboard duty to do.

One of the greatest tragedies in life is to be in this world and doing what you are not called to do. Anytime a man is on the wrong path, witches behind the diversion are excited. I decree today that, if your destiny has been diverted by witchcraft powers, I command a reversal now in Jesus’ name.

One of the aims of witchcraft is to initiate as many persons as possible into the cult. That is why in most polygamous families, there must always be a witch. Their aim is to cause disunity among the family. They help to turn families against themselves.

Prayer Points
• Witchcraft power of my father’s or mother’s house after my life, in the name of Jesus, die.
• Every evil conspiracy against my life and destiny in the name of Jesus scatter by fire.
• Every witch in my family, church or among my associates be exposed by the fire.

Rev. John Okene
Divine Touch Int’l Ministries, Warri, Delta State.
Prayerline: +2348135952623

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