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War against coven powers – Part 2

By John Okene
31 October 2021   |   3:53 am
For every witchcraft gathering, there is a coven and this is called their power base. The location of a coven could be in the house of a person, under the water, in a rock or a T-junction.


Text: Nahum 3:1-5; Psalms 74:20
For every witchcraft gathering, there is a coven and this is called their power base. The location of a coven could be in the house of a person, under the water, in a rock or a T-junction. Understand that the coven comprises of different units. The first of them is the Coven Parliament. Here, they issue laws, give evil counsel and deliberate on matters. They could sit, for instance, over a particular family to agree that no member of that family should make progress in life and they put their seal upon it. This evil law comes into play immediately in that family and so you see every member struggling fruitlessly in life. I pray for you that every parliament of witchcraft gathered for your sake will scatter in Jesus name. Isaiah 54:15, 8:9-10. There is also the Coven Market and this is the market of darkness. Jeremiah 5:26-27 says there are wicked men who lay wait and set trap to catch men. They become great from the trade of the souls of their victims in an evil market. They even put marks of identification upon their victims and many people today are moving about with such evil marks. In the coven market, destinies of men are exchanged; glories and virtues of men are traded and even blood is traded there. A lady had a revelation and saw a strange market in a T-junction with all kind of people and goods. She saw meats on tables and red liquid, she thought to be palm oil inside bottles. As she examined the bottles to buy one, the sellers whispered to each other in strange tongues. They had observed that she realized it was blood and not palm oil. Her eyes were opened to the reality of the operations in that coven market.

Our scriptural text in Nahum 3:1-5 says families are sold in such coven markets on daily basis. A pastor lost his wife at child birth leaving behind the young baby. After a period of time, he re-married and got the same experience. In frustration, he took the two children to his mother in the village and decided to seek the face of God in fasting and prayers. One night he got a strong prompting from the Holy ghost to rise up and pray. The activities of the coven powers against him backfired that night and by morning, he got a call from the village that his mother ran mad strangely that night and was knocked down dead by a vehicle. When he got home to see for himself, a coven pally of the mother confessed the full gist to him. He never knew his own mother was responsible for his problem. She had traded the lives of her daughters-in-law for promotion in the coven market. Any coven market where transaction is being made on your behalf, may they be set ablaze in Jesus name. The third unit of the coven is Coven Court and this where decisions are taken.

Here, they summon the spirit of men and place judgement upon them. A man disciplined his daughter for wrong doing and when he slept that night, he found himself in a strange court. The daughter was the presiding judge and the charges against him was that he flogged their judge. He was sentenced to 40 strokes of the cane. They flogged him until he woke up with a scream in real life to find lacerations and pains all over his body. He never knew his daughter was older and stronger than him in the spirit realm. Whoever is summoning your spirit in the spirit realm will answer to their own summon in Jesus name. Some people were summoned in their sleep and they never woke up. A young man dated a girl for a couple of years after which he abandoned her. One night, he was summoned into a coven court and was asked to choose between dying by electric shock or by accident. When he tried to challenge them, they slapped him.

He woke up the next morning to find his hands almost in contact with a nearby naked electric socket. Again, he discovered that he had a missing tooth strangely without any sign of bleeding. Seven days after, he had a ghastly motor accident that almost claimed his life. That was when he ran to us for prayers. The last unit of the coven is COVEN EXECUTIONERS.

These are elite forces sent on special assignment to execute judgment. If you fail to keep your spiritual temperature high in the place of prayers, such evil judgment can come upon you easily. This is why you need to be prayerful to put an end to their operation in your life and environment.

Rev. John Okene, Divine Touch Int’l Ministries, Warri, Delta State.
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