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Watch over your priorities – Part 2


Pastor W. F. Kumuyi

The fundamental thing in the ministry of all true servants of God is to prepare for the second coming of Jesus Christ. Getting to heaven is more important than any other thing in this world, and every Christian believer should make this a guiding principle in the service of the Lord. Our preparation to be with God in eternity should dictate our actions. It amounts to a waste of life, if believers are busy with church activities but they are not ready for eternity.

If people are not ready for the rapture despite their labour for the Lord, they have wasted their time. God is not interested in the size of our cathedral, bank account, or the quality of our music. The fundamental thing is to get people saved, sanctified, pure and rapturable.

If leaders are going to present a perfect church to Christ, they must watch over the people under them. To uphold the fundamental things effectively, Christian servants must watch over the watchmen or workers under them to ensure that they maintain their Christian experiences; watch against the adversaries that want to destroy the church or oppose the true gospel. They must preserve the truth, so that believers do not turn to fables because we live in days of apostasy; they should watch over the congregation to ensure it conforms to standard; and watch over God’s habitation where people worship Him to make sure it is conducive for fellowship, else the church will not grow.

Christians should be motivated and mobilised to evangelise sinners outside the church. Every member should help others to come to the church. “The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it.” Everyone who knows the Lord must join the great company of the publishers of the gospel. If believers, as soldiers of the Lord are going to succeed in the business of soul-winning, they must carry the weapons of our warfare needed in dealing with demons of religion, ideologies of men, principalities and powers and demon-possessed sinners. The spiritual armour of God is capable of cancelling, conquering and crushing the strongholds of the enemy.

The believer should watch over the anointing in his life that breaks the yoke and penetrates the heart of sinners. He should watch his time, unlike the children of Israel who missed the blessings of God because they did not know the time of their visitation. Then he should watch his calling, which is high, holy and heavenly, so that he can take the ship of the people of God safely to harbour. Finally, he should watch over the harvest, so that the enemy does not sow tares among the wheat. There are priorities in life and ministry and believers must be diligent enough to watch over them.

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