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We need revival – Part 1


Every sincere seeker and worshipper of God has an expectation of revival. The psalmist’s passionate request or question, “Wilt thou not revive us again: that thy people may rejoice in thee?” reveals that the revival they once enjoyed had been lost. He could recall that there were revivals in the days of Moses, Joshua, Elijah, Elisha and David for the people of God. But it did not last. Absence of revival, power, authority, miracle, signs and wonders informed his heart-cry for revival as of old. Since God did it before, he believed that the unchanging God could do it again.

The psalmist’s expectation and passion for revival represent the expressions of our desire for revival. Our passion is also like that of prophet Habakkuk. Having heard the declaration of divine judgment against sin, Habakkuk became afraid and pleaded for mercy and revival in the face of impending devastating dryness, poverty and weakness. “O LORD, I have heard thy speech, and was afraid: O LORD, revive thy work in the midst of the years, in the midst of the years make known; in wrath remember mercy.”

What is revival? It is:
Renewal in righteousness;
Empowerment for exploits;
Vision for victorious, virtuous vessels;
Impartation of God’s image;
Victory over vanity and vice;
Agreement with Almighty God; and
Love for the Lord.


Revival is our expectation from the Lord; and as we agree together and pray, God will grant our heart’s desire. Then the Lord will revive, build, re-unite us, and His mighty power will be felt in the whole land and in every family.

Preparation precedes revival. If God’s promised revival will be fulfilled, there is a preparation and prayer that the Lord is calling the individual Christian as well as the Christian assemblies/associations to make. “Therefore also now, saith the LORD, turn ye even to me with all your heart… rend your heart, and not your garments, and turn unto the LORD your God…” He requires repentance from evils committed against others. It is when we completely repent, turn away, forsake all sins and live righteously and consecrate to serve God, that the promised revival will come.

We also need to deny ourselves, fast and seek His face in a united prayer to be able to enjoy an abiding revival. The children of Israel never enjoyed a lasting revival; they were always in a cycle of being delivered and afterward conquered. The Egyptians, Midianties, Assyrians, Philistines, Babylonians, Medo-Persians and Romans all took their turn in ruling over them.

This vicious cycle today, characterizes the lives of some people who do not retain the blessings of God. The will of God is a permanent enjoyment of freedom from sin and living a consistently pure lifestyle. If the church will cry to God, He promises to “remove far off from you the northern army, and will drive him into a land barren and desolate…” When we give up our sins and pray, God will grant us and our country success and prosperity.

• Further Reading (King James Version): Psalm 85:6; Habakkuk 3:2; Hosea 6:1-3; Joel 2: 12-20.


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