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What happened to your placenta? – Part 2


Placenta. Photo/Pixabay

Last week, we saw that placenta manipulation is responsible for certain problems in life, and that whatever happened to your placenta will happen to you.

A man lost his business and decided to consult a higher power. They told him that to help him, he would have to provide three placentas.

He was confused, but a friend introduced him to a mid-wife who assured him that there would not be a problem producing three placentas.


When asked how this would be possible, the mid-wife told the man that what they do is that knowing the delivery date of a woman and the particular sex of the unborn child (because the male placenta is used for a different purpose from the female placenta), they buy the intestine of a cow and pour blood on it, put it in a nylon bag and place it under the woman’s bed.


As soon as the woman gives birth, they switch the real placenta and hand over the nylon bag containing cow intestine to the family.

So the family goes away thinking they have the child’s placenta not knowing that what they have is cow intestine. She also said in some cases, the family does not remember to even ask for the placenta of their child.

Such placentas are sold for as much as N500, 000.00 each. I am also aware that placentas from Nigeria are exported as far as Iran for rituals.
Common ways of disposing children’s placentas

• Some bury it at a T-junction. The result is that such a child will live a life of confusion.

• Some bury it by the riverside. Such children will have problems with spirit husband/wife or end up dying in water.

• Some bury it in the cemetery because they want the spirit of the dead to watch over their children.

• Others bury it normally, but there are satanic animals, goats, dogs, etc. that will dig the ground, bring it out and eat it.


When a dog eats the placenta, such a child’s life will be full of sexual sin. If it is a cat that eats the placenta, the child will be a rogue, except he is delivered.
Prayer points

•Powers of my father’s/mother’s house using my placenta to attack me, be destroyed by fire

• O God of covenant, destroy evil covenants causing failure for me through my placenta.

• O God my father, restore everything I have lost through placenta manipulation.

• Witches and wizards of my place of birth using my placenta to withdraw blessing from my life be destroyed.
• O God my father, deliver my destiny from every bondage through placenta manipulation in Jesus name.

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