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What seeketh thou?

By Prophet O. Azuka
28 February 2021   |   2:30 am
The above topic was the exact question Jesus Christ asked His audience during His earthly ministry. A time came that Jesus Christ needed to ask His followers why they sought Him.


The above topic was the exact question Jesus Christ asked His audience during His earthly ministry. A time came that Jesus Christ needed to ask His followers why they sought Him. Obviously, some of His followers had come to seek mundane things and food that cannot satisfy forever, hence, the question to bring them to realities of Kingdom life.

The same question Christ asked His followers comes to you today. What do you seek in the Kingdom Power? Money? Miracles? Signs and wonders? Marriage partner? Etc. These things are good, but they are not priorities. There is need to go down memory lane and point out the reason why Kingdom Power is established: the very essence of Kingdom Power is to set things aright and rebuild the broken walls in Christianity. The Church believes in Heaven. It condemns sins in its entirety and preaches righteousness that can take one to Heaven. This is supposed to be the primary purpose of every living church. However, some have come to seek material things and miracles, but when they couldn’t find it, they opted for other places, where they can give them sugar-coated messages that have no eternal value.

Apostle Paul’s encounter with Jesus Christ should be our response, as we come to the house of God… “Lord, what wilt thou have me do? “This is a sincere seeker! Paul was not interested in anything than salvation and divine direction for his life. He was not in a hurry to leave God’s presence. He remained in the room of prayer for three days seeking the Lord. He left God’s presence saved and changed. This mindset should characterise the life of true worshippers, who come to the house of God.

Unfortunately, priorities have been misplaced today. Many come to Church for what they will gain, and not necessarily for salvation. They come to seek God for financial breakthrough, miracles, marriage partners and deliverance, etc. These needs are okay but misplaced. The first thing to seek is salvation and God’s righteousness and every other thing will be added. This is God’s expectation as we come to Him. Man’s need didn’t take Jesus to the Cross; but salvation from sins. Provision of man’s needs does not take God anything to meet. In fact, His Will is to ensure His children live a good life on earth.

Some preachers have compounded man’s problem. They promised heaven and earth and never lead them to Christ for salvation. This is a disservice to mankind and God Almighty! It is true that God will provide for every need, but salvation is the top priority. This is because salvation and righteousness are what guarantee eternity with God in Heaven. Preachers present sugar-coated messages of prosperity without salvation, just to deceive the gullible and collect their money through various kinds of offerings and seed sowing.

Worldliness has been promoted in the body of Christ, and preachers are not ready to tell their followers the truth because their wives are the promoters of worldliness in such churches and they are guilty of it. References are made to some Overseers’ wives as standard for Christian modesty, and this has destroyed the very fabrics of Christian faith.

The question to you today is: “What seek ye”? Seek God first and the Kingdom of God and other things will be added to you.
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