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When grace speaks – Part 3


Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Ojo

“Thou shall be over my house, and according unto thy word shall all my people be ruled: only in the throne will I be greater than you.” (Gen. 41:40)

God has been talking to us on GRACE for the past three weeks. Grace is defined as unmerited favour, but someone who has been inspired by God will see grace as an act of God. In other words, God in action in the affairs of man. Today’s message focuses on the person of Joseph, the favourite of Jacob. His life story is a misery among those that experienced God’s grace.

Grace speaks to his life among others. His dreams in life were propelled by divine grace. While his brothers were so occupied with hatred, he kept on dreaming dreams. Dreams of how the future would look like. He had not gotten there, but was envisaging the reality of the future. Those that are destined to affect their generation for good will start dreaming of the future from now. Assuming our political leaders dreamt of today from the past, we wouldn’t be in this mess. The dream of better tomorrow must start from today. Beware; every good dream must be opposed by the agents of darkness. Nehemiah had the dream of rebuilding his nation, but he was faced with opposition.


Grace gives determination to the dreamer. No matter the intimidation from the agents of darkness, grace will take you above all odds. Joseph was sold into slavery because of his dream. But when grace spoke, his buyer resold him into the house of Potiphar, which led him into the land of Egypt. When grace speaks, every step taken by man is ordered by God. The roads may be rough and the immediate expectation may be blunt, but God is at work underneath. No matter the present condition, Grace will speak for you in Jesus name.

His struggle to fulfil his dream was not yet over because Joseph is yet to fulfil destiny. Temptation arose again from his master’s wife, but grace spoke in the face of temptation. Note that the level of your temptation will determine the level of grace needed to overcome it. The higher God is preparing you to go in life will determine the wind of temptation that will blow. Jesus passed through the same and He did not sin (Mat. 4:1-11). The present problem would not be compared with the glory that will appear in future. He found himself in prison, but grace brought him out of the prison. Grace rescues and delivers. Are you unjustly accused or being punished? Cry unto God and He will rescue you. Grace brings dream into reality, when you are faithful to Him. Joseph was not moved because he knew that grace would speak.

Finally, when grace speaks, you will become an authority. Grace goes beyond gender, nationality or race. People should know that getting to the position of authority is by grace and not by force. When God locates you for leadership position, He will help you to deliver to your parishioners. Don’t struggle to be a leader when you are not under the coverage of God’s grace.


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