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While men slept – Part 5



When a man lacks access to revelation from God, it is a sign that he is asleep spiritually. From the Bible text in Job 33:14-18, we can see that God oftentimes opens the ears of men when asleep, and gives instructions to keep his soul from mistakes and pending destruction.

In our previous write up on this series, we saw some importance and purpose of revelation and the last one discussed is that it gives a man a definite direction in life. Like we see in the case of David, all through his life, he would always inquire from God before he took any step. The only time he failed to make Divine inquiries was in the relocation of the Ark of God’s Covenant back to Jerusalem. He did it his own way, but God’s anger was vented upon them and Uzzah died in the process. This brought so much fear upon everyone and David had to go back to God and discovered that the Ark was not meant to be carried on a Donkey, but on the shoulders and only the Levites were traditionally authorised to do it.


His own idea was erroneously borrowed from the Philistines. If you lack revelation, you are prone to mistakes in life. Most times, God wants to speak to us in order to develop fellowship. Understand that prayer is not a monologue, but a dialogue. So, God wants to respond to you like a couple in a sweet conversation. Another purpose of revelation is to give you illumination, that is, to cause light to shine and reveal things in darkness. Psalm 74:2 says there is a dark place in the world where wickedness exists and you need revelation to understand it. A young man, who had suffered so many attacks in life, had a revelation one day where he saw a goat tied to a spot. He recognised it as the one his uncle demanded from him a couple years back at his wedding.

The uncle had tied it somewhere in his compound and was training it, unknown to everyone that it was the young man’s spirit that tied to a spot. It took revelation to know this and he was instructed to go and untie and remove it from the spot. Barely three days after he did it, his uncle died and the young man’s life was changed for good. May God expose all darkness your enemies are using to attack you in Jesus Name!

Again, God gives a man revelation so that he can engage in warfare and get result. Fighting without revelation is like wrestling with shadows. You need information to engage in effective warfare and win. May God open your spiritual eyes and cause your prayers to command results in Jesus name. There are two types of revelation: the first is the general revelation where God tells you about people as we see with John De Beloved being told of the things to come in the book of revelations. The second one is specific revelation, which could be direct for an individual or specific group of persons. There are certain revelations God gives you, that are not meant for others, until an appointed time as we see in Matt. 17:1-9.
Rev. John Okene, Divine Touch Int’l Ministries, Warri, Delta State.
Prayerline: +2348135952623


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