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While men slept – Part 8


John Okene. Photo: YOUTUBE

The Mystery Of Evil Dreams (3)
Text: Gen. 20:1-3

Dreams are a reflection of your spiritual state. Just like a mirror, they are a spiritual monitor, showing what is going on in your life. There are different types of evil dreams, which you must deal with. The first of them is Poverty sponsored dreams and they manifest in different ways. You could see yourself picking snails or seeing millipede and tortoise in the dream, which means your progress in life will be extremely slow. You could also see yourself wearing tattered clothes.


A young man told me he always saw himself wearing tattered clothes in the dream and after I conducted deliverance for him, someone brought new clothes for him in the dream and barely three months after this, his life changed physically for good. I pray for you, every rag or wrong garment of poverty worn you in the spirit realm will catch fire in Jesus name.

Again, if you see a rat running over your body, it is a sign of poverty. Another one is riding a bicycle all the time. A young man said he saw himself driving an SUV to his village and suddenly, he noticed he was on reverse mode. The SUV mysteriously became a beetle car and then changed into a tricycle and a motorbike. By the time he arrived at his village, he entered with a bicycle and worst still trekked into a mud house.

The second one is marine-related dreams, where you see yourself by the side of a river or swimming in it. Note that this is different from being in a flood, which implies problems. In marine-related dreams, you could find yourself caged under the river, wearing beads and a crown on your head. You could even see people bowing to you. May every evil crown on your head receive fire, and I replace it with the crown of righteousness. If you see yourself in the midst of people wearing white, not like a church setting and they are even clapping and playing, that is called “Abiku” or “Ogbanje” in the traditional Nigerian setting. You must do something about it. The third type of evil dream is spirit spouse related dreams. You see someone claiming to be your husband or wife. They could even use the face of your spouse, so you feel it’s normal and sometimes, the face of someone else you know, so you begin to accuse them of harassing you sexually in the dream.


In some cases, you could see yourself getting wedded, even when you are already married physically. This can cause unmarried victims to think that their long-awaited wedding is about to take place. Some see naked people in the dream and engage in constant sex, even getting pregnant and carrying babies. These can result in delayed marriages and barrenness. If you engage in serious prayers before observing these, it means you’re suffering from blind possession and you need to pray more to unmask them.

Again, if it is your “ex” you always see, it means there is a soul tie that needs to be destroyed. Other signs are, seeing dwarf-like creatures coming to sleep with you, you wake up seeing yourself wet sexually or see yourself with male and female organs. This is “Hermaphrodite spirit.” Some of the repercussions of these are hatred for the opposite sex and marital disappointments. The spirit spouse goes to threaten your spouse or fiancé to leave you alone. There will be difficulty in having children and they also attack your finance to cause trouble in the marriage. In extreme cases, some jealous spirit spouse can cause untimely death to your spouse physically, while they are also responsible for strange afflictions and promiscuity. May God put an end to their operation in your life in Jesus name!

Rev. John Okene, Divine Touch Int’l Ministries
Warri, Delta State.
Prayerline: +2348135952623


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