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Why relationship fails: Dishonour – Part 3


Solomon Ojigiri

No matter how better advantaged you are, we must learn to honour our partners as an expression of love and good character. There are several ways to honour our partners, be it in courtship or in marriage. There are actions that many erroneously see as White man’s culture, but they are simply acts of honour.

For instance, taking your wife to a restaurant and pulling out the chair for her to sit or opening the door of the car for her are acts of honour. Some only open their car doors for the woman, if the door of the car is bad or faulty. Some also do all that to woo the lady in courtship before they are married, forgetting that they need to do much more after they are joined together as husband and wife. Personally, I do not really think any man should expect the woman to kneel down for him, but some women do so to honour their husbands. It is germane to say at this juncture that honour is not something you force your partner to do, just as it is not something you have to compel your partner to do, simply because you see others doing it.


Honour is all about respect and we must look for creative ways to express honour for our spouse. We must also learn to do those things consciously before our children, as we teach them by example. Learn to honour your partner by trusting your partner and by living your life in such a way that you can be trusted. Refuse to live in suspicion and do not live a suspicious life or a life that is questionable or difficult to trust. Let everyone around you know that you have respect for your partner, whether you are in courtship or you are already married.

Restrain yourself from insulting your spouse openly or secretly. Avoid abusive or insulting languages. Let your body language depicts or communicate honour because actions speak louder than voice. Treat him like a King in the public and in private. Treat her like a Queen in the public and also when you are alone. Do not treat him or her as if he or she is a nobody, or as if they are forcing you to marry him or her or as if he or she is forcing himself or herself on you. Do not treat her as if you are the one trying to help him or her. Do not treat him or her as if he or she is inferior to you. God may decide to lift you at any time, never look down on your partner, even when God has lifted you. Always know that it can also be his or her turn to be lifted tomorrow.

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