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Why relationship fails: Pre-marital sex – Part 2

By Solomon Julius Ojigiri
25 April 2021   |   2:53 am
Last week, we started looking at the subject of pre-marital sex as one of the reasons why some courtships failed to graduate into holy wedlock. Pre-marital sex or sex before marriage is contrary

Solomon Ojigiri

Last week, we started looking at the subject of pre-marital sex as one of the reasons why some courtships failed to graduate into holy wedlock. Pre-marital sex or sex before marriage is contrary to God’s Word and God is the Author of marriage. He knows what is good for us and how best we can sustain our relationships. We must be ready for danger, doom, or disaster when we choose to act or conduct ourselves in flagrant disobedience to His word. The Word of God is the manual with which we can run our lives, relationships, and even marriages without any hitch or difficulties. There are several reasons why people fall victim to this social malady.

The first has to do with people’s expectations. So many people see pre-marital sex as normal or proper because of their corrupt minds, ignorance, and the moral bankruptcy of our society today. Secondly, the media, especially social media, makes it look like that is the right thing to do.

Thirdly, there is an unfettered display of obscene pictures on the media, particularly social media. Pre-marital sex is very rampant probably because of the technological development of our days, especially the advent of the Internet and social media. This has increased access to pornography and dirty movies, which directly or indirectly affect people’s values and mindsets.

Another reason for indiscriminate sex in our generation is people’s misconceptions about love and sex. People call sex love-making. The truth is that love is not sex and sex is not love. Sex outside marriage is one of the greatest challenges of many marriages in this generation. Sex before marriage or sex outside marriage is very dangerous, and anyone who really wants to live a good life must run away from it. We must learn to say a capital NO to that. Anyone who is really interested in getting married to you cannot encourage you to mess up with your life or encourage unwanted pregnancies or even abortion. Sex outside marriage is devilish or satanic, as it exposes you to a lot of danger. It causes hatred, low self-esteem, and self-rejection. It makes you lose your respect and sometimes makes you become desperate in life. Another very important reason why you must avoid sex before marriage is because of the possibility of contracting such sexually transmitted diseases as herpes or HPV (Human Papillomavirus) and other terrible ones, which sometimes make people become impotent or lose their wombs at the end of the day. Beautiful and handsome faces on the outside do not mean that all is well. Many are already deceived; they erroneously assume that they can have safe sex just by using condoms. But medical research has shown clearly that condom is not a hundred percent protection against pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. There are about 28 different types of sexually transmitted diseases in our world today, and it has been proven that the best protection is abstinence. According to Dr. Dobson, a renowned marriage counsellor in USA, some sexually transmitted diseases leave women’s pelvic strictures scarred for life and may render them infertile or having to go through expensive procedures or surgeries in order to get pregnant later years. Sometimes, they have to perform a hysterectomy before a woman can survive.

Prevention they say is better than cure. The greatest solution is avoidance of sex until you get married. Sexually transmitted diseases, such as HPV can cause genital warts, which cause lasting irritation of the female organs, as well as cancer of the vulva.

It is one of the most difficult diseases to treat and kills thousands of women yearly. All these were started by Dr. Dobson in his book. Safe sex outside marriage is completely false and fallacious.

Every act of sex outside marriage damages the parties involved.

Every person that sleeps with you deposits some of his/her life with you, and you also transfer the same to them. A man once told me he has slept with over fifty ladies and a lady was said to have slept or had sex with over a hundred men. Sleeping with her is sleeping with over a hundred people at a time. Sex does not leave you the same way. That is why some go through inexplicable issues in life. They do not know from where their problems emanated. Some are seriously hindered from getting married, while some face their Waterloo after marriage. Some of these problems are demonic in nature, but they can be destroyed when you open up to a trusted Minister of God. Sex before marriage actually robs some people of satisfaction in marriage, particularly in their sexual life. Because they now have a basis to compare and contrast, some do not really experience sexual satisfaction in their marriage. More importantly, sex before marriage destroys the essential pillars of marriage or relationship, which are love and trust. Many people have lost their God-given virtues and glory on the altar of sex outside marriage. There are many so-called rich men and ladies out there looking for people with glorious destiny, so they can divert it. We must be very careful. We shall be sharing more on this and many other issues by this weekend in our Singles and couples of purpose programme this weekend, on Saturday, May 1, 2021, at our address below. You can call our number for more information. Admission is free. Time is 2pm to 6 pm. You can also contact us for answers to your questions or special prayers. God will undo whatever the wicked have done in your life.

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