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You are called to be a thousand times more – Part 3

By Rev. Theodore Effiong
30 December 2018   |   4:11 am
Even before Abraham had a child, God had already called him a father of many nations. “Neither shall your name be called Abram, but thy name shall be Abraham...

Rev. Theodore Effiong

Even before Abraham had a child, God had already called him a father of many nations. “Neither shall your name be called Abram, but thy name shall be Abraham; for a father of many nations HAVE l MADE THEE.” Gen. 17:5. God said to him, “I have already made you a father, it is a done deal.” God did not say, “I will make you a father.” When God called David, He referred to him as a king while still a shepherd boy. Inside every teacher in a school, college or university is an entire campus.

Inside Reuben were two nations. “And the Lord said unto her two nations are in thy womb.” Gen. 25:23. God did not say “two babies.” He was, in advance, the Edomite and Israelite nations. These two nations could further be broken down into the twelve tribes of Israel. Likewise, Esau produced twelve princes, (Gen. 17:20), which all eventually became tribal leaders of nations. Gen. 25: 16. God did not just see two families in her womb or two villages or clans, but two whole nations. The human spirit is loaded with latent, unusual, untapped and hidden power. Inside every preacher of the Word, there are books, CDs, DVDs, TV, radio ministries, etc. all waiting to be released. There is more in you than what men are seeing.

Improve Yourself
In the 70’s, the Citroen car company brought out one very prestigious brand called the Citroen XL. When you switched on the ignition, the body of the vehicle would rise up to about half a foot and when you switched off the ignition, it would go down again. If the tyre of this car burst at full speed, it would never swerve or somersault, but would maintain a perfectly straight line. When it came out newly, they had a logo that said “the car that will never die.” Here in Nigeria during the oil boom of the early 70s, many big men in Nigeria were busy importing this very prestigious car. All over Lagos, it was the status symbol.

There was a mechanic in Lagos trained overseas to repair only this Citroen brand. Hence, he became the leading mechanic of all the big men that bought this car. He refused to develop his skills beyond the Citroen car. Then the Citroen Company closed down. That car was no more on the market again. Initially, he still retained all his customers. But after five years, many of his customers parted with their cars and went on to purchase the latest in the market.

This mechanic purchased some of these parked cars with the mind of using the scraps and spare parts to service the remaining customers he had. But as the years went by, so did the number of Citroen cars, until finally, only four or five remained in the city. He ended by closing down. This is a man who was privileged to have been trained overseas, privileged to be connected to all the big men in Lagos, but because he never developed his skill beyond the one he acquired overseas, like the Citroen XL, he too became obsolete. It is a tragedy to end your life at the starting line.

“Through wisdom is a house builded; and by understanding it is established. And by knowledge shall the chamber be filled with all precious and pleasant things. A wise man is strong, yea A MAN OF KNOWLEDGE INCREASETH STRENGTH,” Prov 24:3-5.
One can never diminish when one is constantly increasing his knowledge and skills. This is a success gist you must have to embrace stability in your prosperity. Be Blessed!

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