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You must be born again!



Text: John 3:7

The topic under consideration today is a must-to-get experience for every human being created by God on earth. No one is exempted from this experience. Those who occupy themselves with activities in the church of God but have not repented should drop whatever they are doing and seek a salvation experience. RIP wishes cannot change anything; it won’t alter the course of suffering in hellfire for sinners.


The state of man has been so deplorable it can be best described as ‘Ichabod’— the glory has departed. A sinner has no trace of glory in his life. He is a shameful being that needs God’s redemptive power. There is no substitute for salvation. It is the first experience that everybody that professes to come to Jesus Christ must-have. It is an experience that will help one escape the wrath of God that will come upon sinners on earth. A sinner has no peace, even after death.

To be born again is an unforgettable experience that does not leave any room for doubts. A born again Christian must be sure when, how and where the experience took place. There must be a definite time to be remembered all the days of the person’s life on earth. People around will also see and attest to the fact that something new has happened in such an individual’s life.

Sin is cancerous and spreads like wildfire. It can destroy much good and contaminates anybody around it. This necessitated why the Lord commanded that sin should be rebuked publicly, and why the sinner is segregated from the congregation of the righteous and in some cases, shown the way out of the church. In Kingdom Power, sin is not compromised or pampered. The church stands where God stands not minding whose horse is gored.


There are consequences of sin among the children of God. It could bring about a delay in the journey of life like it did during the journey of the Israelites on their way to the Promised Land. It does not matter the magnitude of the sin; no matter how small the sin might be; it must attract consequences! Today, Christians see lies as nothing. They tell lies at will to escape punishment. They tell lies to escape discipline from their church leaders and other privileges inherent therein. It is high time Christians called sin by its name and not otherwise. There is no pet name that will reduce the consequences of sin in the sight of God.

There are preachers who tell blatant lies and exaggerate on the pulpit to impress their congregations. Such preachers are not supposed to be on the pulpit to declare God’s Word. There are many compromising Aarons in the house of God that need to be removed!


In order to be with God in the land of the living, there must be repentance and total conversion from sin to righteousness. This is the only way to escape hellfire. Today is a great day. Turn to Jesus and be saved.

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