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You will never be the same again



This statement is for those who are determined to change levels in life. If you are not determined to change levels you will remain who you use to be. And God in His infinite mercy has brought us into a new year so that we can change levels, though the devil did all he knew to stop us from seeing the new year,  but all his plans failed. So this is a special year where we will never be the same again.

There are things I want you to notice about this bible passage.
God tested Abraham. Remember that Abraham and Sarah were childless for a long time until they gave birth to Isaac at an old age, according to God’s word. God knowing this, still asked for Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac to Him because God wanted to know the depth of Abraham’s trust in Him. The bible says Abraham did exactly what God told him to do. The journey took three days for them to get to mount moriah, the place where Isaac is to be sacrificed, enough time for Abraham to change his mind but he didn’t. He trusted God completely.

It is very important for us to trust God in all things because He is God. Don’t put your trust in any human being because they will fail you. Give God your 100% trust because He never fails, He has never failed and He is not about to fail. What is that thing that God asked you to do, what is that thing that God asked you to give, don’t struggle with it no matter how difficult it is, prove your trust for Him, let it go, trust God because He is Jehovah jireh. He will provide all your needs miraculously, as He did for Abraham.


Abraham proved his commitment to God – Ask yourself this question, I’m I committed to God? Because whether you know it or not God is committed to you He is a faithful God. The bible says he never sleeps nor slumbers, that is how committed He is to you, making sure that all is well with you. So are you committed to Him as well? Because until God sees the level of your commitment to Him, there are certain levels of blessings that you won’t attain. God is watching you to see how you have been taking care of the things He committed to your trust. In your church, your office, your family, your business environment, do all these areas of your life reflect commitment to God? If not you can start now, it starts from your heart. Make up your mind that no matter what, you are forever committed to God.

Another interesting thing about the bible passage is that God provided Himself a sacrifice, in other words before your need arises the solution will be available. But it will be as a result of your commitment and trust in Him. The Bible says God blessed Abraham and multiplied him because he trusted God. If only you can trust God and be committed to Him, He will give you OVERDOSE; beyond your imagination. You will start seeing opportunities everywhere.

He will be there for you at all times. Your new year resolution should be “ To trust God and to get committed to Him whole heartedly this year” and you will see powerful results in your life. The name Jehovah Jireh came from Abraham’s encounter with God, let your encounter with God be for a purpose, let it count. In every situation you are faced with, always be positive and keep faith alive. Remember it pays to serve God. God bless you.

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Anene Nwachukwu
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