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Your marriage can be a bed of roses – Part 2


Text: Genesis 3:1-6
Last time, I emphasised the fact that marriage is for matured individuals and not “babes,” because problems are bound to arise in the marriage, and it takes maturity to be able to solve problems and keep the home intact. I believe it is immaturity that makes many people choose the easy option and opt out of marriage.

In the Garden of Eden, Adam and his wife, Eve were having a nice time, until the serpent appeared on the scene. The serpent deceived Eve right before her husband and he did absolutely nothing. The intruder came, and instead of taking action against the intruder, he began to blame his wife.

From the Adam and Eve story, there are some lessons couples can learn:
• The serpent will attack your marriage uninvited. There is no one that is immune from satanic attack. However, the good news is that, if you are a child of God, victory is already assured through Jesus Christ.

• The attack against your marriage is always subtle. The devil may not come directly at you, but will use cunning methods to drive a wedge between you and your spouse.

• The enemy uses lies or half-truths to deceive. Once you are deceived, you will suffer the loss of something. Adam and Eve were deceived and they lost the Garden of Eden.

• The enemy doesn’t want your home to be ruled by the word of God. He will like to suggest that God’s Word cannot be trusted, and that you can choose to do it your way and nothing will happen. This is a lie from the pit of hell!

• The major objective of the serpent is for you and your spouse to fight each other, rather than face the source of the problem. Once you begin to trade blames at each other, he has succeeded.

Therefore, when your spouse suddenly begins to misbehave, it‘s a “Snake Bite”; the activity of an intruder. What you need do is to kill the snake in your family. This isn’t the time for shedding tears or bitterness. Rather, it’s the time to confront the enemy headlong. What many would rather do is fight their spouses, instead of the powers troubling their home, and in the end, the home that was once a haven is broken down irrevocably.

The serpent can come through various channels like:
• Generational curses – when either the family of the man or the woman is under a curse. This can easily be seen, when you trace the lineage of the man or woman.

• Divorce in the lineage – is when some families marriages always end up in either separation or divorce.

• Lust – when one or the two parties are under the control of the spirit of lust. If there is polygamy in your foundation, you need to pray.

• Rejection in the foundation – people who suffer rejection are more likely to fail in marriage, as they are unable to trust people.

However, you can make your marriage a bed of roses. if you deal with the enemy through prayers. It is only prayers that can help you deal with the problems from your foundation. It’s prayers that can destroy generational curses and shatter foundational problems. Remember that anything you acquire through prayers can only be sustained by prayers.
More next time!

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