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Your problem as material for testimony – Part 2


Children Choir ministering, during the monthly combined service<br />

Beloved, if you are sure that you are in the Lord but are experiencing challenges in your business, workplace, marriage, family or health, I want to let you know that those challenges will not bring your life to an end but shall be converted as materials for your testimonies.

Remember all that happened to the Israelites from Egypt to the wilderness vis-a-vis all the famine, drought, sufferings, wars, the obstacle of the Red Sea, the threat of the Egyptian armies, the snake bites and the desert experiences were all materials for their testimonies.

So, whatever is happening to you now should be considered as an ingredient of testimony for assuredly, God will deliver you from all. God Who allowed it, has a purpose, which will definitely turn to testimony.


Rom. 8: 28 says, “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”

All things without exception that happened to man work for the good of the man who loves God. All our afflictions and trials; all the persecutions and calamities to which we are exposed to daily are for our testimonies and are allowed by God to make His work manifest. Those things work together and mutually contribute for good to them that love God. To them, that love God, afflictions are materials for testimonies but to others, they are sent as chastisement, which produces murmuring, instead of peace; rebellion in place of submission; and anger, impatience, and hatred, instead of calmness, patience, and love.

If you have come to the conclusion that your case has degenerated to the extent that you could not be delivered again or the problem is so mountainous and hither has defied all known solution, I want to assure you that the God I serve is capable of turning that ugly situation to testimonies for with Him all things are possible. So, that dry valley as delay in conception or the land of thorns you found yourself, is material for your testimonies. It is only God that can deliver and today He will deliver you.

I want you to understand that whatever is causing anxiety in your life now is a testimony in the making. God has allowed it so that He will take the glory and for men to know that all power belongs to God. I don’t know what you are going through, but today God must take glory in your life. That enemy cannot take the glory, that lawyer, doctor or judge cannot take the glory that belongs to God. All glory must be ascribed into the Lord. In that your condition, God will take glory. You will definitely see a definite change in your life as God takes the glory.

Jn 9: 1-3 says, “And as Jesus passed by, he saw a man which was blind from his birth. And his disciples asked him, saying, Master, who did sin, this man, or his parents, that he was born blind? Jesus answered Neither hath this man sinned, nor his parents: but that the works of God should be made manifest in him.”


Take note of the reason for the cause of the problem, it was that the work of God should be made known to the world so that God would take the glory. The cause was neither attributed to the blind man’s lifestyle nor his parents, but, that the work of God should come to public knowledge. God allowed that blindness to be upon that man for everybody to see so that God could heal him so that everybody would acknowledge the fact that God has power to do all things and we ought to glorify Him.

Beloved, you may have suffered so much in your life. In fact, what is happening to you now may have been known to everybody in the community, but don’t be discouraged because all is that the work of God should be made manifest? God will take the glory today as He delivers you and the people who know the case will acknowledge there is God Who is the Almighty and all-powerful.

There was a case of 27 years deaf and dumb who received her healing instantly during one of our crusades. The lady who was brought to the crusade venue by her relation became completely healed immediately her case was mentioned in the course of ministration. Of course, you will agree with me that twenty-seven years infirmity was not a hidden case but must have been known in the community and its environs. Now, after she became healed and taken to the village in the full glare of the neighbours God took the glory and that might be the reason for her predicament.

Therefore, that hardship, delay in marriage, promotion, years of barrenness, etc., are there for God to manifest his power, so that people will know that only God can do all things. And at the end, you will attest to the fact that all the experiences during the problem are materials for testimonies so that God will be glorified in Jesus name. Therefore, your problem is nothing but an ingredient for your testimonies. What God needed from you is to totally submit yourself to His righteousness. If you can give your life to Jesus today, then, your testimony is guaranteed regardless of the degree of your problem.

Wonderful Work Of God
How God Delivered Me From The Seven Deity Of Ogoni-land

BY the special grace of God, my name is Simon Ugwa. I am from Enugu State but live in Kaduna. I want to testify how God delivered me from Seven gods of Ogoni-land.


It all started in 2005 when I was deported to Nigeria. That deportation devastated me because I lost everything I had, and all efforts to get financial assistance met brick-wall. As a result, I travelled to Abia State where I met one of my friends who is from Rivers State and told him my predicament. He offered to help.

First, he took me to Ogoni-land where I was initiated into seven deities cum cult in the land.

During initiation into these cults, my tongue was torn into seven pieces, causing blood to fill my mouth after, which I was given something to eat and drink. From that moment, I couldn’t do anything on my own volition but became controlled by the devil. The first assignment I was given and which I carried out was to sleep with my three sisters who were virgins. I was initially very reluctant but because I had sworn to obey all orders of the confraternity, I succumbed.

After breaking the virginity of my sisters, I took the blood-stained white handkerchiefs to them. Unfortunately one of my sisters became pregnant as a result of this evil. All efforts to abort the pregnancy proved abortive.

Subsequently, when I told them, I was returning to Kaduna and was given some eggs and a box that looked like a coffin with the instruction to break one egg each when l was about to enter any state. So, I took a luxury bus that had an in-built toilet facility, and while in the bus, I entered into the toilet and broke an egg before entering the state. This was how I carried out the assignment.

Eventually, I became fabulously rich and was able to build a computer school in Kaduna and opened an internet cafe. Later, I moved to Jos, Plateau State and bought many motorcycles and gave to people on higher – purchase. But Within six months, one of my sisters died and when I went to the cult chamber to enquiry the cause of her death, the chief priest scornfully started laughing and told me that they have given me what I wanted, and it was time to pay back. He reminded me that more would still die. It was at this moment that, I became frustrated though I still associated with them but my mind was no longer with them.


After a year interval, my second sister was afflicted with cancer and died within one month. As if that was not enough, I was asked to kill my four-year-old daughter, I said no, that, that would be over my dead body. The day they invoked her spirit to appear on a calabash, I was given a knife to strike her but I refused. The next day as God would have it, I had a little misunderstanding with my wife and she ran away with the baby to the village. From that moment they began to frustrate me. The computer school business got burnt. I auctioned the cafe and relocated to Jos where I started the motor-cycle business. Before I knew it, some of my riders ran away with the motorcycles, while others claimed that they lost theirs during the Jos communal crisis. At that point, I was no longer thinking about wealth but my life and family.

As I seek for a solution, I decided to come to Lagos and submitted myself to deliverance ministers. On my way at Sagamu, our vehicle plunged into the river and I was to be drowned in the river but God showed me mercy.

According to eye-witnesses, a 12-year-old boy who saw when the vehicle plunged into the river, raised alarm and divers came to our rescue. After that, I came down to Lagos and became a special guest to all deliverance ministries, yet there was no respite. At times I would be seeing the shadow coming to me physically but if I shout Jesus, it would disappear. If I kept money in my room, the money would disappear. I also went to a white garment church where they tied and flogged me and lighted candle all over me. I was also taken to the river to bathe, but immediately after this exercise, it seemed as if the whole demons came back to me.

At a point, I resolved to commit suicide but as I was pondering on that, a voice spoke to me, and said: “Have you tried The Lord’s Chosen or Deeper Life? These are the churches that specialise in soul-winning.” At this juncture, I had no cash again, the few things remaining for me were a plot of land, a bus and Golf 2 car. There was no money on me again. I even offered to sell my phone so that I could raise money to go to Chosen but nobody was ready to buy it.

However, a good Samaritan lent me N8, 000, which facilitated my journey to Chosen. As I arrived at The Lord’s Chosen headquarters in Lagos, I met three sisters and asked them that I would wish to see General Pastor, the sisters were surprised because they expected everybody to know that General Pastor has gone for a crusade in Abuja. They told me that almost the brethren had travelled to Abuja for a crusade. Sensing I was a stranger, the sisters said: “Brother whatever is your problem as long as you have stepped your feet here, you will get your deliverance.” Though I said amen but not with my heart because I said these sisters did not know what l was passing through.

Eventually, they directed me to a security post, where I narrated my story to them; they gave me a place to stay pending when the crusade in Abuja would be over. Then on Friday, I joined them in the vigil. Then in the morning when I went to sleep, behold I discovered that the evil dream I used to have, has disappeared, even the shadow that normally crosses my way, has disappeared too. As the crusade ended on a Wednesday, I went for deliverance and fell under anointing several times and the last one I felt, a black shadow was uprooted from me and I stood up immediately. And when the General Overseer prayed for me during service, those demonic threats and torments that characterised my life ceased. Today I am proud to be a chosen.

I advise everybody not to join cult. So be warned!

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