Friday, 3rd December 2021
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Air France

25 May
Air France, Finnair and Singapore Airlines became the latest carriers to suspend flights over Belarus on Tuesday after Minsk forced a jet to land to arrest a dissident.
7 May 2020
At least four out of about 30 foreign carriers that operate in Nigeria have made it compulsory for all passengers to wear face masks during flights in response to the coronavirus crisis.
7 Feb 2020
The new joint venture (JV) among four legacy carriers has been estimated to earn the airlines $13 billion in revenue yearly.The venture henceforth overlaps operations of Air France...
12 Jan 2020
Like Awoyemi, Nigerians in many parts of the country, have been battling the harsh harmattan and the accompanying haze and its side effects.
27 Sep 2019
Chinese president, Xi Jinping, yesterday presided over the inauguration of a second international airport for Beijing with a terminal billed as the world’s biggest.
10 Sep 2019
French authorities are working to declassify military files linked to a mysterious crash more than 50 years ago of an Air France plane that plunged into the Mediterranean just minutes before it was due to land, killing all 95 people aboard, families said.
6 Sep 2019
French magistrates investigating the 2009 crash of a flight from Rio de Janeiro to Paris in which 228 people died have ordered charges against Airbus and Air France be dropped, legal sources told AFP Thursday.
5 Sep 2019
Nigeria has missed out on the top 10 rankings of the most profitable routes in Africa operated between 2018 and March this year. According to industry observers, this may not be unconnected with low traffic demand and flight frequencies, lack of tourism destinations, and the absence of dominant carriers on the international front.
2 Aug 2019
Commercial air travel has undergone several developmental phases since jet engine was discovered in the 1930s. But none envisaged the grandiose comfort and a total package that are now possible on long-haul flights.
10 Mar 2019
A mid-flight engine failure forced an Air France A380 jet with more than 500 passengers on board to turn back to the Ivory Coast capital Abidjan where it landed without further incident early Sunday. "We were flying over Niger (to Paris)... I saw a ball of flame for a few seconds and then a large…
8 Feb 2019
The wind down of Port Harcourt (PH) operations notwithstanding, Air France is targeting some new routes in the United States in response to interests of Nigerian customers.
23 Aug 2018
Air France and British Airways announced Thursday that they will halt flights to Tehran next month, citing low profitability as the US reimposes sanctions on Iran.


25 mins ago
The OML 29 Wellhead in the Santa Barbara South field in Nembe, Bayelsa State which blew up on November 3, 2021 is being pumped with chemicals that will contain further leakage in "one or two days."
31 mins ago
Ghislaine Maxwell tightly regulated every detail in Jeffrey Epstein's Palm Beach mansion as "lady of the house," a former employee testified Thursday during the British heiress' sex trafficking trial.
41 mins ago
Actor Alec Baldwin has revealed that his acting career might be over following the fatal shooting that led to the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of his film Rust. Baldwin made this revelation in an interview with George Stephanopoulos of ABC News, adding that he did not care.  In the interview, Baldwin…
1 hour ago
Real Sociedad will attempt to halt Real Madrid's march away from La Liga's chasing pack on Saturday in a battle of first against third at the Reale Arena.
1 hour ago
In anticipation of the final five episodes of Netflix's hit series Money Heist, here are five facts about the show you might not have given a second thought.  Money Heist tells the story of a group of criminals who try to pull off the biggest heist in recorded history, to print billions of euros in the Royal Mint…