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Air Pollution

9 Jan 2020
Researchers have found that living in polluted cities may cause the bones to be weaker and easier to break.
6 Dec 2019
The Harvard University researchers found that even short spikes in the harmful particles led to an increase of 5,692 hospitalizations and some $100 million in annual health care costs.
3 Sep 2019
Exposure to even the lowest amounts of pollution raises the risk of an early death, scientists have said following major research.
25 Jul 2019
Air is an important and vital requirement for life. Air sustains life, but it can also snuff out life. With air one survives and lives; with air one could also die.
19 Jun 2019
To mitigate the effects of air pollution, experts have called for the use of renewable energy solutions.     Indeed, they argued that governments, industries, communities, and individuals should come together and explore renewable energy and green technologies to improve air quality in the society.    The experts spoke during an event organised by the Lagos State Environmental Protection…
17 Jun 2019
Disturbed by increasing effects of air pollution on human survival, environmentalists have proposed a shift toward use of renewable energy...
17 Jun 2019
Experts have urged members of the public to reduce air pollution by using Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and avoid using biomass fuels, which pollute the air.
11 Jun 2019
The annual ritual marked as the World Environment Day has no meaning in Nigeria since the day is merely used by government officials to deliver beautiful...
5 Jun 2019
As the United Nations (UN) mark the World Environment Day (WED) today, civil society and conservation groups have called on the federal government...
3 Jun 2019
Exposure to outdoor and indoor air pollution could, on average shorten the life of a child born today by 20 months, according to a new global study, State of Global Air 2019 (SoGA2019).
20 May 2019
Nail salon employees face increased health risks due to high levels of indoor airborne pollutants such as formaldehyde and benzene, new University of Colorado Boulder, United States (U.S.) research finds, concluding that working in a salon is akin to working at an oil refinery or an auto garage. The new study, which monitored volatile organic…
18 May 2019
Scientists say breathing the heavily polluted air in Mexico City these days is like smoking somewhere between...


9 mins ago
Some stakeholders in the North have stressed the need for Nigerians to embrace the younger generation in their search for a new President.
9 mins ago
Surprisingly but truly, it is becoming rare nowadays to find any offspring of practising or retired bankers who wittingly opt to step into the shoes of their banker-parents.
12 mins ago
The Policy and Legal Advocacy Centre (PLAC), yesterday, warned that the clamour for more women participation in partisan politics should sacrificed on the altar of cost.
14 mins ago
14 mins ago
Institute of Public Analysts of Nigeria (IPAN) has revealed plans to address quality assurance of food and agro-allied products in the African Continental Free Trade Area...