Monday, 26th September 2022
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Alkaline water

10 Aug 2017
The main thrust in treatment of cancer is to embark on a life style change, the aim being to undo those things that have occurred in the body as a result of maintaining the wrong lifestyle.
27 Jul 2017
In the first part of this article, “The role of alkaline water in the management of diabetes” published in last Thursday’s edition of the Guardian Newspaper, I ended by saying thus: Under normal circumstances, the osmotic forces that maintain the extracellular....
20 Jul 2017
The cells of the body other than those of the brain depend on insulin for glucose, amino acids, salts and water for their functions. This is why these cells become severely affected in chronic unintended dehydration.
13 Jul 2017
Water and air are two very important things that GOD gave to keep us healthy. It is no wonder; therefore, that these two are under constant attack and through them the human being is being afflicted by one disease or the other today.
6 Jul 2017
Alkaline water has been described as a supplement because the water that we drink today is far from perfect. There is hardly any bottled water in the shops that is alkaline...


2 hours ago
Almost a year after The Guardian report on foreign airlines departing Nigerian shores empty, the situation has changed, but for the worse.
2 hours ago
At the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in New York, the United States, last week, President Muhammadu Buhari, made an open-ended request for ‘outright’ debt cancellation for developing countries facing “the most severe challenges”.
2 hours ago
After a spell of seeming harmony within the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), discordant tunes are coming to the fore ahead of a long four-month campaign stretch for 2023 general elections, which officially kicks off on Wednesday, September 28.
2 hours ago
Anthony Joshua is set to defy promoter, Eddie Hearn, and sign a contract to fight Tyson Fury by today’s deadline, reports
2 hours ago
The dream of every Nigerian is the security of owning a home, but that reality has been scuttled, following rising prices of building materials and rents in the housing market.