Saturday, 28th May 2022
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12 Jan
Antioxidants are well-loved in skincare, just as much as sunscreen, and this is primarily due to their ability to protect the skin from damage caused by free radicals.  Free radicals weaken skin cells by removing healthy electrons from the cells. Antioxidants curtail this by protecting the cells from these free radicals, so they must be…
9 Sep 2021
Recent studies have found that oral administration of palm oil tree extracts could be used to reverse damage caused by crude oil contamination of food products and water, and help to slow ageing and raise anti-tumour immune responses against breast cancer cells.
24 May 2021
Africa Check has an archive of fact-checks about the powers of antioxidants. We’ve debunked claims that antioxidants found in jackfruit, eggplant, and rooibos tea can prevent cancer while those in turmeric supposedly prevent brain damage by removing toxins from the brain. But antioxidants can be beneficial. So how can you tell the difference between the facts and false health advice…
19 Mar 2020
The diseases that are associated with an excess of free radicals are all very serious but the prevention of these diseases is as easy as taking 5 to 8 different antioxidants
20 Feb 2020
From past articles that I have written on this subject, we understand that the antioxidant defense system is made up of 3 components: the vitamin antioxidant defense system...
23 Jan 2020
Having been writing of those things such as water and food that man consumes for a long time, together with the benefits and adverse effects of these things, I have begun to see a trend.
21 Nov 2019
In recent years, there has been a major change in consumption patterns and attitudes toward food. Nutritional emphasis has shifted from survival and hunger management to maintenance and promotion of better health.
10 Oct 2019
Free radicals are a common feature in the human body. They are harmful by-products of the biochemical reactions that occur regularly and frequently in the body.
19 Aug 2019
Eating ants and other insects could soon be recommended to protect against cancer, following a groundbreaking new study.
4 Jul 2019
The moringa plant qualifies to be called a miracle tree and certain countries in Africa, Asia and Central America support their farmers to cultivate this plant to supply the much-needed nutrients for their citizens and money of course. Originally grown in the foothills of the Himalayas, the tree is more widely grown nowadays and there…
21 Mar 2019
The heart is such an important organ in the body that everything possible should be done to keep it working optimally all the time. The life and wellbeing of the individual depends on the good working condition of the heart always. Also, because of this importance, every human being and medical practitioners should have an…
12 Jun 2018
Some people ask, why should we eat salads when there are other delicious, mouthwatering dishes to savour? Salads are rich vegetables and fruits that have nutritious and health benefits. The ingredients used in making salad include but not limited to carrot, cabbage, cucumber and tomato but who says you can't add yummy fruits like avocados…


11 mins ago
Concerned Ijaw stakeholders have called on the Governor of Bayelsa State, Douye Diri, to as a matter of urgency give an update on the revocation and subsequent re-allocation of Atala oil
20 mins ago
The Senegalese President, Macky Sall, has sacked his Health Minister, Abdoulaye Sarr, following a hospital fire disaster in the country in which 11 newborns died and replaced him with another person.
23 mins ago
The Supreme Court yesterday dismissed an appeal by a former Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi, seeking to stop his probe in an alleged N96 billion fraud.
24 mins ago
President Muhammadu Buhari has called on states’ governors and other stakeholders to join hands in rescuing Nigerian children, who are out of school and roaming the streets.
29 mins ago
In February, UEFA confirmed that 2021-22 final, which will be played between Real Madrid and Liverpool, was to be moved from St Petersburg to Paris, due to the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine.