Monday, 17th January 2022
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16 Oct
No one really knows why kids get asthma, as it tends to run in families. This means if a child has asthma, he or she might have a parent, sibling, or other relatives who has asthma or had it as a child
22 Jun 2021
A Facebook post claims that turmeric mixed with milk can treat and cure a number of ailments. The turmeric plant is part of the ginger family. Its underground stems are orange-yellow, have a peppery aroma and are used to make the spice turmeric. Asthma and cancer are among the diseases the post claims this mixture can cure. Is this…
11 Apr 2021
The study detected asthma symptoms amongst more than 10,000 students aged 12 to 14 in 40 secondary schools in Lagos, as part of an international study...
18 Feb 2021
One of the greatest causes of ill health at the cellular level is dehydration. In a state of dehydration, circulation becomes slowed down and sluggish leading to accumulation of the wastes...
5 May 2019
As World Asthma Day comes up on Tuesday, experts have cautioned person who are susceptible to shun things that could trigger the ailment.
8 Feb 2019
Experimenting with mice, Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers report that a low-calorie diet prevented asthma symptoms regardless of the diet’s fat and sugar content. The researchers also say they found that obesity resulting from a high-calorie diet led to asthma symptoms in the animals by causing lung inflammation, and a drug that blocks inflammation eased those…
9 Dec 2018
Lagos State University College of Medicine (LASUCOM), Ikeja, in collaboration with Queen Mary University, London has launched an awareness...
26 Sep 2018
Children given paracetamol in their first two years of life may be at greater risk of asthma, a study has found.Paracetamol is recommended to treat most kinds of childhood ailments, including headache, stomach ache and cold symptoms, while it can also be used to reduce fever.
6 May 2018
Physicians have called on government to partner pharmaceutical companies on asthma by making medicines available to victims. They also called for increased awareness to enhance early diagnosis.
10 Apr 2018
Asthma increases the risk of bone fractures in boys, new research suggests. Moderate-to-severe sufferers of the condition, who experience symptoms daily, are 30 per cent more likely to break a bone than those without the inflammatory lung disease, a study found. Lead author Dr Sharon Brennan-Olsen, from the University of Melbourne, said: “Because asthma is…
26 Mar 2018
Mums-to-be who eat plenty of green vegetables could protect their children against asthma, a study shows.
9 Mar 2018
An extra-strong dose of asthma medication given to children to help control their condition does nothing to prevent serious attacks and could even stunt their growth, experts have warned. Scientists found that children moved to a higher dose of their steroid inhaler when their symptoms showed they were likely to suffer a serious exacerbation of…


1 Jan 1970
Industrial stability in the education sector this year will solely be dependent on the implementation of the tenets of the negotiated agreements with the organised labour, the Non-Academic Staff Union of Educational and Associated Institutions (NASU), has said.
3 hours ago
Bayern Munich's record-setting striker Robert Lewandowski retained FIFA's top men's player title Monday at "The Best" of 2021 ceremony as Barcelona captain Alexia Putellas collected the award for best women's player.
4 hours ago
At least 26 people were killed after an earthquake hit western Afghanistan on Monday, an official said.
4 hours ago
Cameroon captain Vincent Aboubakar scored his fifth goal of the Africa Cup of Nations as his already qualified side were joined by Burkina Faso on Monday in the second round.
5 hours ago
JOHANNESBURG,South Africa, 16 January 2022/African Media Agency (AMA)/ – The New York-based The Africa Center, narrative change organisation Africa No Filter, Media Monitoring Africa and the University of Cape Town (UCT) have joined forces to develop the Global Media Index that will track and measure the way Africa is covered by top global media outlets.  The Global…