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Ayo Sogunro

22 Jun 2021
Nigeria’s recent clampdown on Twitter operations is causing concerns over the country’s commitment to the protection of human rights offline and online. These concerns on Nigeria’s quest to regulate Twitter and other social media platforms are hinged on citizens’ rights to freedom of expression as guaranteed in section 39 of the Nigerian constitution. Twitter’s deletion…
22 Jan 2021
Everything in Nigeria is going to kill you, says Author and Human rights lawyer Ayo Sogunro. Frankly, nothing else can describe the directive by the Federal Government...
24 Jul 2019
In the years leading up to and after 2015, corruption was the dominant issue in Nigerian public debates. The idea that Nigeria’s main challenge was tackling corruption was so widespread that it propelled Buhari into office.
24 Apr 2019
Any Nigerian child with a fair level of social-awareness can tell you one or two negative things about the Nigerian police. The Nigerian Police Force is perceived as the primary symbol of corruption, administrative inefficiency, and state brutality in Nigeria. Bribery is seen as the official language of the uniform; investigative procedures are often dismissed as…
28 Nov 2018
Nigeria is not progressing in any meaningful way. Except that modern technological advances continue to insulate us from the worst effects of bad governance, we are deteriorating rapidly in several ways.
30 May 2018
This week, as Nigeria observes “Democracy Day” and civil society honours the memory of victims of violence, we are once more compelled to reflect on the value of the Nigerian citizenship.
28 Mar 2018
Sometime in January this year I was in my hometown Abeokuta. I was interested in seeing how governance had fared and a close friend had driven me around the town...


2 hours ago
Almost a year after The Guardian report on foreign airlines departing Nigerian shores empty, the situation has changed, but for the worse.
2 hours ago
At the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in New York, the United States, last week, President Muhammadu Buhari, made an open-ended request for ‘outright’ debt cancellation for developing countries facing “the most severe challenges”.
2 hours ago
After a spell of seeming harmony within the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), discordant tunes are coming to the fore ahead of a long four-month campaign stretch for 2023 general elections, which officially kicks off on Wednesday, September 28.
2 hours ago
Anthony Joshua is set to defy promoter, Eddie Hearn, and sign a contract to fight Tyson Fury by today’s deadline, reports
2 hours ago
The dream of every Nigerian is the security of owning a home, but that reality has been scuttled, following rising prices of building materials and rents in the housing market.