Wednesday, 30th November 2022
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Ben Wallace

7 Jul
Britain's Boris Johnson will reportedly announce his resignation as Conservative leader, paving the way for an internal party contest to replace him and become prime minister. While several possible successors have been suggested, there is no clear favourite. Rishi Sunak The UK's first Hindu chancellor of the exchequer, who quit on Tuesday, was until recently…
3 Mar
British Defence Minister Ben Wallace on Thursday told Russian President Vladimir Putin it was "not too late to stop" the invasion of Ukraine. The UK has taken a series of punitive actions against Moscow since Putin launched the attack last week, including sanctions on Russian banks. "The message to President Putin is 'Stop. It isn't…
28 Feb
The UK government has seen no major change to Russia's nuclear posture despite President Vladimir Putin placing his strategic forces on higher alert, Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said on Monday.
16 Aug 2021
The Taliban's takeover of Afghanistan is a "failure of the international community", Britain's Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said on Monday, assessing that the West's intervention was a job only half-done.
16 Aug 2020
British Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said on Sunday additional navy personnel and aircraft were being sent to help tackle a sharp rise in migrant crossings of the Channel.
6 Sep 2018
British Security Minister Ben Wallace said Thursday that Russian President Vladimir Putin had "ultimate" responsibility for a nerve agent attack on a former Russian double agent in England in March.


3 mins ago
Prince William and his wife Kate head to the United States this week for their first visit in eight years, and the popular couple's inaugural trip as prince and princess of Wales.
15 mins ago
In a recent lecture on freedom of speech, Chimamanda Adichie raised concerns about self-censorship. The acclaimed writer said that young people are growing up "afraid to ask questions for fear of asking the wrong questions". She opined that such an environment can lead to what she describes as"the death of curiosity, the death of learning…
25 mins ago
The US Senate passed a landmark bill Tuesday protecting same-sex marriage, as lawmakers from both parties moved to forestall the possibility of the conservative-led Supreme Court taking away this right as it did with abortion.
43 mins ago
Iranians had been hoping for a repeat of their 1998 World Cup victory over the United States but their 1-0 defeat in Qatar on Tuesday plunged Tehran into disappointed silence as they exited the tournament.
50 mins ago
Lionel Messi and Robert Lewandowski head into Wednesday's showdown between Argentina and Poland with the futures of what could be their final World Cup adventures hanging in the balance.