Tuesday, 7th December 2021
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Bishop Charles Ighele

31 Jan
A certain man and his wife were known to always quarrel to the point that each time they started, the children in the neighbourhood would be mimicking the things the couple said.
3 Jan
The purpose of marriage is first for companionship before other things. But some people are not seeing it that way. The first thing is to have a strong relationship and then other things will follow.
13 Dec 2020
I will never forget something that happened many years ago. However, I will tell the story in such a manner that those who know them will NEVER know whom I am writing about.
22 Nov 2020
It is a universal fact that women cry, and this gets on the nerves of most husbands. Many husbands do not know what to do with a crying wife.
1 Nov 2020
I am sorry that I could not explain to you why I could not continue with the part 2 of this write up last Sunday, as I said. The spiritual and emotional mood that engulfed Nigeria, due to the #EndSARS protests...
13 Sep 2020
After the war that tore the family of King David apart and destroyed the peace of Israel, as stated in the Bible, the people decided to humble themselves and apologise.
30 Aug 2020
My wife, Carol’s parents were quite romantic but my parents were not. I never saw my father and my mother hold each other any day or tell each other, “I love you.”
12 Jul 2020
I had cause to advise a lady, who was about to get married, sometime ago. It was very easy for me to see that she felt superior to her man. How did I know? Through the way she kept criticising and correcting the young man.
28 Jun 2020
Some months back, we had a guest in our home. When we got home after one of the services, she saw that I looked tired.
17 May 2020
We must not assume that our partners will always know when they are wrong. It can really be painful, when you expect an apology from your partner and none comes.
5 Apr 2020
As a marriage and family counsellor, one of the major problems we deal with in many families is that of blame.
23 Feb 2020
I have a habit of assessing my level of love for my wife, Carol, because the word of God commanded me, Charles to do so.


2 hours ago
Fan Milk Plc, makers of well-loved ice cream brands including Fan Ice and Go Slo, today unveiled its newly completed state-of-the-art frozen dairy product line in Ibadan, Oyo State. Fan Milk Plc is part of the Danone group, a world-leading food company (# 1 globally in fresh dairy products). This new product line is proof of Fan Milk Danone’s commitment to propelling socio-economic growth and investment in Nigeria.
2 hours ago
Top US scientist Anthony Fauci said Tuesday early indications suggested the Covid-19 Omicron variant was not worse than prior strains, and was possibly milder while cautioning
2 hours ago
The chairwoman of a fan-led review of English football on Tuesday rejected claims that its recommendations risked "killing the golden goose" of the globally successful Premier League.
2 hours ago
Kyle Walker was shown a late red card as Manchester City suffered a shock 2-1 defeat at RB Leipzig Tuesday, but City still advanced to the Champions League's last 16 as group winners.
2 hours ago
Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez on Tuesday called on his side to "make history" this week by handing Bayern Munich their first home defeat in the Champions League's group stages since 2013.