Saturday, 9th December 2023


23 Nov
When you want to sell bitcoin for naira, there are two common factors you’ll consider. We can say there are two common factors everyone considers, which is the rate used to calculate the amount you’ll get and the legitimacy of the platform you want to trade with. We both know no one wants to lose their hard earned bitcoin to scammers. 
22 Nov
Cryptocurrencies have piqued the imagination of investors and technologists alike since their inception in 2009.
22 Nov
Entering the world of cryptocurrency often begins with the acquisition of Bitcoin, a digital asset that has captured the heart of millions worldwide. In Nigeria,
13 Nov
In a rapidly evolving financial world, the role of women in finance is gaining prominence, challenging the traditionally male-dominated industry.
15 Oct
From its inception in 2009, Bitcoin has captivated the world, transitioning from a niche electronic cash system to an avant-garde technological marvel.
15 Oct
Bitcoin, a revolutionary digital currency, faces significant scalability challenges that impact its efficiency and broader adoption.
15 Oct
As the world rapidly embraces cryptocurrencies, mobile Bitcoin mining emerges as a captivating frontier. But is it a viable alternative to traditional methods? A safe exchange like Immediate Peak where your...
15 Oct
In the evolving landscape of cryptocurrencies, voices of both ardent supporters and staunch critics emerge. Among the most vocal critics is economist Nouriel Roubini...
14 Oct
Decentralization, a core tenet of modern cryptocurrencies, offers a transformative approach to financial systems by dispersing power from a centralized authority to a broad network.
20 Sep
In recent years, cryptocurrency has taken the world by storm. Starting with Bitcoin, digital currencies have become more than a buzzword. They are now a legitimate form of payment that businesses, big and small, are starting to embrace. But why should your company consider accepting cryptocurrency payments? Let's explore the benefits of this modern payment method in simple terms.
17 Sep
If you've observed Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies over the years, you know that people and experts in various fields have said many things about them.
12 Sep
The industry’s long standing need for a no KYC crypto to fiat exchange has been fulfilled recently with the emergence of Bitgamo. This unique platform not only eliminates the need for KYC or account registration, but also offers up to 10% higher than the prevailing market rates for Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. These excellent features…


1 hour ago
The President of the Nigeria Institute of Public Relations (NIPR), Dr. Ike Neliaku, has inaugurated two committees on the forthcoming first edition of the Nigeria National Spokespersons' Awards (NNSA) scheduled for March 2024. This is part of the historic deal with the Image Merchants Promotion Limited (IMPR) - publishers of PRNigeria, Economic Confidential, Spokespersons' Digest…
1 hour ago
The Director General of the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), Kashifu Inuwa Abdullahi, has allayed the fear about artificial intelligence in communication and national security. Kashifu spoke at the 2023 Security and Emergency Management Awards (SAEMA) and Spokespersons’ Communication Awards (SCA); 29 awards were presented to eminent security personnel, agencies, public relations experts, public…
1 hour ago
Manchester United went one step forward against Chelsea but have gone two steps back as they fell to an embarrassing 3-0 defeat against Bournemouth.
3 hours ago
Nigerian government has said that the surge of military coups in the West African is fast becoming a threat to the democratic culture in the region.
3 hours ago
The President of the African Development Bank (AfDB), Dr. Akinwumi Adesina, has called on African leaders to create quality jobs for its teeming unemployed youths to stem the trend of brain-drain bedeviling the continent.
3 hours ago
Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Mr. Ola Olukoyede has stated the commission's plan to go after international countries warehousing monies illegally moved out of Nigeria.
3 hours ago
The House of Representatives has expressed concern over the demise of no fewer than 80 persons after a recent drone attack by the military in Tudun Birni, Kaduna state.
3 hours ago
The Governor of Lagos State, Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu, has pledged to collaborate with the new President of the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), Mr Gabriel Idahosa, to enhance economic activities in the state.
4 hours ago
The Ogun Traffic Compliance and Enforcement Corps (TRACE) says one person died and another sustained injury when a truck lost control at the Alagbon-Olorunda bridge along Owode-Idiroko Road in Ogun.
5 hours ago
The Kano State Government says it has blocked leakages that might led to the misuse of public funds by those in authority in the state.