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9 Sep 2016
Edible ginger-derived nano-lipids created from a specific population of ginger nanoparticles show promise for effectively targeting and delivering chemotherapeutic drugs used to treat colon cancer...
1 Sep 2016
A seminar series designed to address the challenges of hypertension, diabetes, cancer, among others, and make every executive healthier, the natural way comes up on September 4 to 10 at Spicery Hotel in Victoria Island, Lagos.
12 Aug 2016
The treatment of diseases from diabetes to multiple sclerosis could be revolutionised by a breakthrough in bone marrow transplants.
15 Jul 2016
Large studies have shown how athletes suffer markedly fewer cancers of the lungs, kidneys, breasts, ovaries and cervix.
11 Jul 2016
Chemists at The Ohio State University, United States, are developing paper strips that detect diseases including cancer and malaria - for a cost of 50 cents per strip.
8 Jul 2016
A Consultant Physician and Nephrologist, Dr Abayomi Aiyesimoju, on Friday, said ``people faced with emotional trauma are at risk of getting cancer.
7 Jul 2016
Need for greater accuracy in diagnosis is increasing the use of Computerised Tomography (CT) scans by doctors.In the United Kingdom (U.K.), about three million CT scans are carried out each year, and the rate per person is around five times higher in the United States (U.S.).
1 Jul 2016
As the cancer scourge continues to spread in Nigeria, the Chief Medical Director, University College Hospital (UCH) Prof Temitope Alonge, yesterday raised the alarm that it has been ...
23 Jun 2016
A summary of the final evaluations was published yesterday in The Lancet Oncology, and the detailed assessments would be published as Volume 116 of the IARC Monographs.
20 Jun 2016
Scientists at the University of Pittsburgh, United States (U.S.) have developed a unique method for detecting antibodies in the blood of patients.
19 Jun 2016
According to reports, 30 Nigerian women die every day of breast cancer, while one Nigerian woman dies every hour of cervical cancer. 14 Nigerian men die daily of prostrate cancer ...
16 Jun 2016
Drinking very hot drinks such as coffee or tea “probably” causes cancer, the UN has said.


1 hour ago
Fan Milk Plc, makers of well-loved ice cream brands including Fan Ice and Go Slo, today unveiled its newly completed state-of-the-art frozen dairy product line in Ibadan, Oyo State. Fan Milk Plc is part of the Danone group, a world-leading food company (# 1 globally in fresh dairy products). This new product line is proof of Fan Milk Danone’s commitment to propelling socio-economic growth and investment in Nigeria.
1 hour ago
Top US scientist Anthony Fauci said Tuesday early indications suggested the Covid-19 Omicron variant was not worse than prior strains, and was possibly milder while cautioning
1 hour ago
The chairwoman of a fan-led review of English football on Tuesday rejected claims that its recommendations risked "killing the golden goose" of the globally successful Premier League.
1 hour ago
Kyle Walker was shown a late red card as Manchester City suffered a shock 2-1 defeat at RB Leipzig Tuesday, but City still advanced to the Champions League's last 16 as group winners.
1 hour ago
Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez on Tuesday called on his side to "make history" this week by handing Bayern Munich their first home defeat in the Champions League's group stages since 2013.