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Chinua Achebe

9 Nov 2020
Chinua Achebe’s ‘Anthill of the Savannah’ – his seminal work after a twenty-one-year hiatus in novel publishing is eternally relevant as it encapsulates the challenges faced by journalists in Nigeria in the effective discharge of their duties.
4 Nov 2020
Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart, arguably the foremost classic of African literature is 62 years already and has not lost its contemporary relevance in its mirror image of Africa in general and Nigeria in particular.
28 Oct 2020
The passing away of renowned poet, playwright, essayist and eminent professor of literature, John Pepper Clark-Bekederemo, like the measured transience of sages, has depleted the shrinking forest of literary minds and intellectual activists in the Nigerian.......
20 Oct 2020
John Pepper Clark-Bekederemo, the Nigerian poet and playwright and a pioneering post-independence writer, died on October 13 at the age of 85. He published 10 collections of poems, seven plays, one book of essays, a travelogue, and a translation of an epic tale. Born on April 6, 1935 in the oil-producing Niger Delta to Ijaw parents…
5 Sep 2020
Well, I have been wondering for quite some time where we got things wrong. Growing up, I remember great names in entrepreneurship around this part of the world, Onitsha particularly.
17 Mar 2020
Award-winning Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie has denied claims of plagiarism made against her by another writer Anne Giwa-Amu. In a Youtube video published on March 14, Giwa-Amu accused Adichie of copying a novel “Sade” which was published in 1996 for her critically acclaimed 2006 novel “Half of a Yellow Sun”. Giwa-Amu, who is mixed…
15 Mar 2020
I’m always amazed the way people talk about being fulfilled, as if there is a way of defining fulfillment that really, thoroughly makes sense without the possibility of objections.
11 Mar 2020
Nigeria is indeed a blessed country. And this is a statement we can confidently make from the perspective of the many dimensions of Nigeria’s greatness. One usual way to assess this blessedness is to reference
2 Feb 2020
For her towering achievement, Achebe and Friends at Umuahia: The Making of a Literary Elite, Terri Ochiagha won the ASAUK Fage and Oliver Prize in 2016. Published by James Currey, it is an edition of the African Articulations...
22 Jan 2020
One of the masterpieces of literary giant Prof Chinua Achebe has been picked by a book club for review. Referred to by USA Today as “A vision of social change that strikes us with the force of prophecy”, Mbari Uno Book Club presents ‘Anthills of the Savannah’; a classic of one of Nigeria and Africa’s greatest…
22 Jan 2020
It is fair to argue that his stay in the National Assembly was quite momentous. In less than five months he had sponsored motions that touched on the economic life of Nigerians and made an effort to drive them.
22 Dec 2019
Perhaps, there is no better way to honour a man than in the presence of his people. This is what the University of Nigeria has done for the late novelist, Prof. Chinua Achebe.


1 hour ago
Residents of Port Harcourt have decried poor standard of meat processing in Rivers State.
2 hours ago
Water is one of the most important substances on earth. It is so important that both plants and animals need water to survive. It is, however, essential that the water people drink and use for other purposes is clean and free from germs and pathogens. Therefore, to make water potable, its production must conform to…
2 hours ago
Stakeholders in the digital ecosystem, on Tuesday, set the stage for a synergy between the public and private sectors, to facilitate digital inclusion and set Nigeria on the path to sustainable economic development. Held in Abuja, the formative dialogue was the first run of the Policy Innovation Centre’s (PIC) ‘Inclusive Digital Transformation Programme’, sponsored by…
3 hours ago
There are fears that lives may have been lost and several others injured after jets belonging to the Nigeria Air Force (NAF), were reported to have bombed Kunkuna village, in Safana Local Government Area of Katsina State. The incident reportedly took place at about 11:00 pm on Tuesday, shortly after President Muhammadu Buhari's advance team…
3 hours ago
President Muhammadu Buhari on Wednesday visited the Medium Security Custodial Centre, Kuje attacked by terrorists, where he expressed disappointment with the nation’s intelligence system.