Tuesday, 29th November 2022
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10 Oct 2021
For every 1$ spent on contraceptive services in developing countries, $2.2 is saved on maternal and newborn care and growing fertility rates that are not marched with infrastructural development
7 Jul 2020
A newborn baby has been pictured in Vietnam clutching the contraceptive coil his mother used in a failed bid to stop her conceiving according to a report by The Daily Mail. The boy's 34-year-old mother, who has had two other children previously, is said to have inserted the intrauterine device (IUD) two years ago. The…
16 Feb 2020
Contraception is the process of preventing pregnancy using different methods. Unprotected sexual intercourse may lead to unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. More than 15 million girls between 15 and 19 give birth every year worldwide while an additional 5 million have abortions. Contraceptive use helps individuals to decide freely and responsibly if, when and…
1 Jul 2019
A large clinical research study conducted in four African countries found no significant difference in risk of HIV infection among women using one of three highly effective, reversible contraceptive methods. Published in the Lancet, the study showed that each method had high levels of safety and effectiveness in preventing pregnancy, with all methods well-accepted by…
26 Sep 2017
Back in the day, it was all about using condoms but times have changed, women didn't have the option of planned pregnancy but now women have the choice to take back control in regards to what sort of contraceptive they wish to use.  You probably weren't aware but on the September 26th, World Contraception Day…
7 Dec 2016
The Minister of Health, Prof. Isaac Adewole, on Wednesday said that most unwanted pregnancies did not originate from contraceptive-failure but user-failure of contraceptives Adewole, also a Gynaecologist, was reacting to complaints over the rate of contraceptive failure, alleged to have led to a high rate of unwanted pregnancies in the country.


1 day ago
Portugal booked their place in the World Cup last 16 on Monday as a Bruno Fernandes second-half double secured a 2-0 win over Uruguay.
1 day ago
A Brazil side lacking spark without the injured Neymar needed a late strike from Casemiro to edge out Switzerland 1-0 on Monday as the five-time winners secured their place in the World Cup last 16 with one game to spare.
1 day ago
The Federal Government on Monday assured the citizens that the country had enough to eat and there would be no shortage of food.
1 day ago
Bybit looks to Kickstart Crypto Market with short-term stimulus package  DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, 28 November 2022 -/African Media Agency(AMA)/- Bybit, the world’s third most visited crypto exchange, has announced the launch of a $100 million support fund to shore up institutional market makers during this challenging period in the crypto industry.  The fund will offer a…
1 day ago
Episode 5 of “Goodbye Princess” animation series   “ Temptation Apple ” – Will the princess accept the prince’s kiss?  HONG KONG, SAR, 28 November, 2022,-/African Media Agency (AMA)/- In the fifth episode of “GOODBYE PRINCESS” animation series, Asian global fashion icon, C-pop singer, film and television actress — Tia Lee (Tia Lee Yu Fen) takes a bite…