Friday, 24th March 2023
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Dan Agbese

9 Nov 2018
The lack of basic facilities for self-actualisation has led to two major problems with their scally hands on the nation’s jugular: poverty and unemployment. They rate as number six and seven respectively on the people’s agendaPoverty. ...
26 Oct 2018
It has become a mantra mouthed by our leaders with some fervour as if they are saying something for which they should be applauded. Poverty is ravaging our country.
28 Sep 2018
League of Nigerian Columnists (LNC), a professional body out to ensure good governance and hold government accountable, was inaugurated yesterday in Lagos.
29 Dec 2017
Klump. Klump. Klump. It is the inexorable march of human progress. Nations march; individuals march. Kings march and commoners march. Rulers march and the ruled march.
13 Oct 2017
This is not the sort of news that makes the headlines and plays big in the public space. Because it is the story of the poor. It is the story of the children of the poor. It is the story about the future that might be denied the children of the poor. Because of food.
18 Aug 2017
A nation plans to succeed. It maps out the path of its ambition in its detailed national development plan – social, economic and political. The plan is its road map.
11 Aug 2017
The political parties are busy preparing for the 2019 general elections. They should. There is a lot at stake in 2019. There would be vacancies in Aso Rock and the state government houses across the land.
12 May 2017
There are two dimensions to the anti-graft war: punitive and preventive. This is so elementary I find it rather painful to talk about it. But I need to remind us that our concentration on the punitive aspect of the war for so long has been detrimental....
14 Apr 2017
There is no reason to pretend about this. We have all become hostages to the peripatetic miracle-working men and women of God who have turned the bible into their entrepreneurial miracle tool.
12 Feb 2017
We might as well admit it. We cannot really fight corruption because a) we can’t b) we can’t and c) we can’t.We might as well accept General Collin Powel’s diagnosis that corruption is wired into our DNA.
19 Jun 2016
It has been 23 years since June 12, well, happened. Its flame still flickers. It does not burn that bright any more. Time has the uncanny habit of infecting bright light with the blight of darkness.


14 mins ago
National and House of Assembly elections petition Tribuna sitting in Asaba, Delta State has started taking motions on 25 petitions received from eight senatorial and 17 House of Representatives litigants and their parties.
17 mins ago
The Nigerian Bar Association Women Forum (NBAWF) has said that its conference will focus on role of technology in career development and ensure accessibility for People Living With Disabilities (PWDs).
20 mins ago
Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, has felicitated with Muslim faithful across the country, especially in Lagos State, on the commencement of the Holy Month of Ramadan.
25 mins ago
Engendering cost-cutting practices for the purchase and maintenance of government vehicles is at the centre of fresh collaboration between Nigeria and Tanzania.
26 mins ago
Surepath Schools, Lagos, is set for its inter-house competition, both in Ikorodu and Ajao Estate. While Ikorodu branch’s games are fixed for Tuesday, April 4, the event in Ajao Estate will hold on Thursday, April 6, 2023 A statement by the school’s proprietor, Innocent Okoroafor, made available to The Guardian, said the event in Ikorodu…