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30 Mar 2018
Scientists have unlocked another piece of the nature versus nurture puzzle.Researchers at the Salk Institute of Biological Studies, United States (U.S.), released a report saying that the way mothers treat their children influences their kids' Deoxy ribonucleic Acid (DNA)/genetic material once they are adults.
5 Mar 2018
Mavin Records duo DNA drop their first single in 2018 titled Adanma featuring DMW superstar Mayorkun. The dynamic duo delivers playful and captivating lyrics as they promise their love to Adanma. Mayorkun delivers a catchy chorus that will get every "Adanma" falling in love. The duo are popular for the songs How Can and Queen which…
22 Sep 2017
Gene editing human embryos is controversial as critics fear it could be used to create 'designer babies'. The embryos were donated by mothers at an IVF clinic.
15 Aug 2017
Researchers have shown that in mice, adhering to a low-calorie diet can slow down the natural ageing process.
11 Aug 2017
A pioneering technique to ‘fix’ an embryo’s faulty Deoxy ribonucleic Acid (DNA)/genetic material was unveiled by scientists last week.In a world first, they used gene-editing to cut out DNA from a fertilised egg. The embryo then repaired itself, replacing the mutated material with healthy cells.
10 Aug 2017
A small electric current then fires Deoxy ribonucleic Acid (DNA)/genetic material into the skin cells, converting them into the specific building block cells of any other part of the body, such as arteries, or even organs like the heart.
9 Aug 2017
A pioneering technique to ‘fix’ an embryo’s faulty Deoxy ribonucleic Acid (DNA)/genetic material was unveiled by scientists last week.
4 Aug 2017
Though gene-editing tools have the power to potentially cure a number of diseases, scientists have proceeded cautiously, in part to avoid introducing unintended mutations into the germ line (cells that become eggs or sperm).
20 Jul 2017
Pilar Abel, a 61-year-old who long worked as a psychic in Catalonia, says her mother had a relationship with the artist when she worked in Port Lligat, a tiny fishing hamlet where the painter lived for years.
14 Jul 2017
Regular sex really is the best medicine for preventing life-threatening heart disease – if you are a man, scientists found last month.
21 May 2017
And one does not mean family tree or DNA in the way fathers and mothers use their children’s bank accounts to hide away stolen money. What is meant here is what two writers of books on corruption are trying to say.
4 May 2017
Scientists have alerted to improvements in genetics, which are causing designer babies to near ‘100 per cent efficiency’ in trials using mice. They said synthetic human Deoxy Nucleic Acid...


13 mins ago
The International Executive Committee of the All Africa Music Award (AFRIMA), in conjunction with the African Union Commission (AUC), on Tuesday, appointed Mr Makhtar Diop as the country director
31 mins ago
Fellow Nigerians, I address you today, with a deep sense of gratitude to God and a high level of appreciation to all Nigerians whose tremendous goodwill gave me the opportunity to provide leadership...
37 mins ago
President Muhammadu Buhari has decried the level of trade among African countries but stated that the Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) would succeed if the various governments demonstrate
46 mins ago
An employee of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), in Anambra State, Duruocha Osita Joel, who was declared missing, has been found dead.
47 mins ago
Nurse educators under the Federal Ministry of Health have dragged the Federal Government to court seeking an interpretation of the newly signed harmonised retirement age for teachers in Nigeria.