Saturday, 4th December 2021
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14 Nov
Two strong earthquakes struck southern Iran within 90 seconds Sunday, killing at least one person and sparking scenes of panic, official sources said.
4 Oct
There is no country on the planet Earth with a higher ratio of an aggregate of natural resource endowments to natural hazards and disasters than Nigeria. Nigeria has the best natural endowments
12 Aug
One does not have to be a stargazer to see what battles lie ahead for the inhabitants as well as the government to save and preserve Ikoyi, the abode of the movers
5 Mar
Tsunami warnings were lifted across several South Pacific islands Friday allowing tens of thousands of evacuees to return home, as the risk from a series of powerful earthquakes appeared to ease.
27 Sep 2020
Chorus: No final solution No final solution Ọrọ ta a rororo Ta a gbe pati No final solution THEY say the man lived in Nairobi, in Kenya, down River Road. Nobody knows if he was born there or if he moved there having taken a vow of solitude absolute at the beginning of the new…
19 Aug 2020
Two large and shallow earthquakes struck off Indonesia's Sumatra island early Wednesday, the US Geological Survey reported, but no tsunami warning was issued and there were no immediate reports of casualties or major damage.
3 Aug 2019
Five people died and several were injured after a powerful undersea earthquake rocked Indonesia's heavily populated Java island...
7 Jul 2019
Over decades and over centuries countries in the Southeast Asia of the world are virtually immune to earthquakes. Unlike newly exposed places earthquakes are nothing to bother those Asian countries. The same thing can be said of some places in the South American continents. The earth of these places already know tremor of rock re-arranging…
17 Oct 2016
The Building Collapse Prevention Guild (BCPG) has joined in the call for the establishment of  additional seismological stations to monitor crustal movements in the identified earthquake prone areas in the country. 
12 Sep 2016
Fear gripped residents of Southern Kaduna yesterday after two earth tremors shook the ground and buildings but caused no damage.


1 hour ago
As COVID-19 continues to ravage humanity across the world, Minister of Health, Dr. Osagie Ehanire has stressed the need to strengthen Nigeria’s health security architecture to ensure that the nation is prepared at all times to detect and respond effectively to new variants and other epidemics.
1 hour ago
Anna Ekeledo is the Executive Director of AfriLabs, a network organisation of over 300 technology innovation hubs spread across 49 African countries, which helps develop programmes and build partnerships that support African innovation hubs and other stakeholders...
1 hour ago
Within Nigeria’s crop of disc jockeys, Patrick Imohiosen is the gentlest one can ever meet. “Would you like something to drink,” he asked, calmly offering this reporter a seat. Across his tee shirt and baseball cap, the inscription ‘Greatness’ lay boldly.
1 hour ago
If James Okapara were to review the choice he made a month ago in a bid to bring his ailing mother back to life, there is no doubt, he will avoid anything that has to do with online loan apps and whatever it represents.
1 hour ago
“This is Cinema that wears its influences on its sleeves. Eyimofe is that rare thing.” When the New Yorker spoke about this new flick from the fraternal duo, Chuko and Arie Esiri, it was evident that the film was something beyond just entertaining.