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Eghosa Imasuen

18 Feb 2018
Eghosa Imasuen, co-founder of Narrative Landscape Press Limited, (NLP) has dismissed misgivings that his one-year-old company “poached” Chimamanda Adichie from Farafina Books.
16 Apr 2017
The objective is “to be standard bearers that produce superior content and products, bridge the knowledge-to-action gaps on the bookmaking process, and provide continuous...
16 Apr 2017
Afrikulture is the city’s newest pop up art gallery; Narrative Landscape Press is a ‘kind of’ new publishing firm and House of Wahala is a new art auction house.
2 Apr 2017
Booksellers or distributors, on the other hand, cite poor sales figures and rising cost of running their business as reason they are sometimes unable to maintain their own part of the bargain to publishers.
14 Dec 2016
I remember the first day I heard the phrase, “As you know, Bob . . .” I had just begun this journey into writing, into completing my first novel.
11 Dec 2016
I remember the first day I heard the phrase, “As you know, Bob . . .” I had just begun this journey into writing, into completing my first novel. I wondered why the first few paragraphs of copy where such rubbish.
16 Oct 2016
All drama is conflict. Without conflict, there is no action. Without action, there is no character. Without character, there is no story. And without story, there is no screenplay. SYD FIELD The title of this article is from the novel American Gods’ Introduction to the Tenth Anniversary Edition by Neil Gaiman. He describes an encounter…
30 Sep 2016
Welcome back, dear reader. I found that, contrary to what I expected, members of my family did read my first article. They have promised to buy every edition of The Guardian newspaper that features my articles.
11 Sep 2016
Welcome to the first of my articles here in The Guardian. When I was approached about this gig, I took it without thinking. Without thinking about what I would write to fill a biweekly spot, or 800 to 1500-word article in what I have to say is my father’s favourite newspaper.


3 hours ago
Sudanese anti-coup protesters held a "day for the martyrs" Friday, gathering outside the homes of some of those killed in a bloody crackdown on demonstrations since
4 hours ago
At least 70 people were killed in an airstrike on prison and at least three children died in a separate bombardment as Yemen's long-running conflict suffered
5 hours ago
US President Joe Biden and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida agreed to "push back" against China and condemned North Korea's spate of missile tests, while Biden underlined US
6 hours ago
Omicron is now the dominant Covid-19 variant circulating in the European Union and European Economic Area (EAA), the bloc's health agency said on Friday.
6 hours ago
Senator Orji Kalu, the Senate's Chief Whip, said he decided to run for the office of president after leaders from the six geopolitical zones approached him. This comes after he revealed that he had previously told other presidential candidates, including former Lagos State Governor Bola Tinubu, former Senate President Pius Anyim, and Ebonyi State Governor…