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10 Jul 2020
The Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN) says the unification of the country’s exchange rate is a welcome development that will engender increased investment inflow in the real sector of the economy.
19 Jul 2019
The HNS instigates macroeconomic instability and precipitates national debt as it foists on the economy unbudgeted additional inflation-fuelling high fiscal deficits.
18 Jul 2019
Now, in a managed qua managed float exchange rate system (MFS) via a single forex market (SFM), the CBN policy Thrust-listed perennial macroeconomic challenges dissolve, the failed apex bank monetary.....
14 Mar 2019
As often as not, when my mind is helplessly engaged with the vicissitudes of Nigeria’s evolution, l find myself wondering about how some of the world’s greatest thinkers would have tackled the challenges of Project Nigeria.
15 Dec 2016
Some financial experts on Thursday commended the Federal Government for using a more realistic exchange rate of N305 to the earlier proposed N290 per dollar for the 2017 budget estimates.
12 Sep 2016
It appears our financial markets gurus are still over-fixated with the exchange rate. A recent article, “A flexible exchange rate policy is still right,” starts with the wrong premise but paradoxically concludes and confirms exactly what
9 Jun 2016
Government policy-makers are wont to point to the steep fall in Federation Account (FA) oil receipts for the economic downturn and failure by some FA beneficiaries to pay workers’ salaries...
26 May 2016
The case made against devaluation is often based on technical grounds, namely that: Nigeria is highly dependent on imports the demand for which is inelastic ...
24 May 2016
A further breakdown of the report indicates that the nation’s maritime sector would continue to play a critical role in Nigeria’s growth and socio-economic development.
24 May 2016
Neither the CBN rate nor the interbank rate is a realistic naira exchange rate that will bring about macroeconomic stability to catalyse productivity and inclusive economic growth.
24 May 2016
Given their widespread impact, it is not surprising that exchange rate developments are a matter of great interest and often concern to Governments, the business community and the general public.


As campaigns intensify, Initiative for Research, Innovation and Advocacy in Development (IRIAD) and Electoral Hub have called on the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC)
4 mins ago
National Working Committee (NWC) of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), will, today, deliberate on the crisis rocking the Ogun State chapter.
5 mins ago
Governor Samuel Ortom has told House of Representatives member, Mark Gbillah, that he had no capacity to threaten the chances of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Benue State
8 mins ago
Stakeholders have identified gender-based violence, early marriage, environment, terrorism and banditry as factors hindering the education of the girl child.
11 mins ago
As part of measures to improve energy access, the Rural Electrification Agency (REA) has unveiled plans to leverage the Africa Minigrids Programme and also complete part of the 1,994 abandoned