Wednesday, 19th January 2022
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17 Apr 2021
The global death toll from Covid-19 passed three million on Saturday, with the pandemic already having killed more people than most other viral epidemics of the 20th and 21st centuries.
31 Mar 2020
A Nigerian is typically a sceptical being, particularly, when his assistance is required to save him from himself. The masses of our people are usually uncooperative at critical times
8 Mar 2020
Even though this is the era of the dreaded coronavirus, it is still important to note that as much it shares similar symptoms with the common cold, it ought to be treated differently. So if you down with any or all of these –nasal congestion, muscle or body aches, fatigue, fever, cough, sore throat -…
27 Sep 2018
Scientists have raised an alarm over the possibility of Ebola, flu virus and monkey pox epidemic that could kill over 400 million people and crash economies. Leading flu experts yesterday warned that a deadly flu pandemic like the Spanish flu could happen again and could wipe out 400 million globally. It has been 100 years…
16 Feb 2017
Taking extra vitamin D can protect against colds, flu and other respiratory infections, said a study Thursday which reopened a debate on the usefulness of over-the-counter supplements.


1 hour ago
Paris Saint-Germain star Lionel Messi, who recently recovered from a Covid-19 infection, was on Wednesday left out of Argentina's squad for World Cup qualifiers against Chile and Colombia...
2 hours ago
Nigerian feature film, Eyimofe (This Is My Desire), has made history as the first Nigerian film to earn an NAACP Image Awards nomination. Directed by the Esiri twins – Arie and Chuko Esiri – and presented by GDN Studios, a subsidiary of The Guardian Group, publishers of The Guardian newspapers, Eyimofe received its historic NAACP…
2 hours ago
Afrobeats superstar Wizkid has announced the indefinite postponement of his Made In Lagos Canada tour.  The singer shared this update in a post to his Twitter account on Wednesday. He noted that scheduled stops for the tour would no longer proceed this month as planned.  The post reads, "Due to existing and public health measures being introduced…
2 hours ago
With the proliferation of online gambling around the globe, we are seeing millions of people gambling in countries that we never thought of as countries that would support online gambling. It's fair to say that Nigeria would be one of those countries. When a third-world country has issues with poverty, we tend to forget that…
4 hours ago
Popular comedian and actor, Ayo ‘AY’ Makun, has welcomed a second child with his wife, Mabel. The elated father made this announcement through his Instagram page on Tuesday. The couple got married in November 2008. AY’s new baby, named Ayomide, came into the family 13 years after they had their first child, Michelle. To express…