Geraldine Akutu

Looking gorgeous in Adire

Adire, a resist-dyed fabric, originally produced and worn by the Yoruba, has warmed itself into the hearts of fashion lovers, designers and those that set the pace in the fashion world. What
4 years ago

Staying healthy this new year

It is common during festive seasons to over-indulge in food and drinks. But this is not good, especially for those that care about their fitness.
5 years ago

Spice up your LBD

Black is an ultimate classic colour that can blend with other colours and is easy to work with. And the classic Little Black Dress is a lovely outfit for ladies because they
7 years ago

Jeans combo

Jeans are evergreen as they never go out of style. A lot of women have a pair of jeans that they love. These jeans usually fit perfectly and make women feel good
7 years ago

Looking chic for office

Would you like to dress to the office without looking boring? Don’t worry because there are lovely ways you can spice up your look and take style to work
7 years ago