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PMS:A lady experiencing crying spells
14 Oct 2019
Most often. our constant pursuit of happiness and fulfillment can lead to situations that will end up driving us so far from what we are trying to achieve. Below are some ways you might end up being miserable: Trying to impress others We have been raised in a society that rewards conformity and obedience. Thus,…
11 Sep 2019
For the past 13 years, the ports concession deal struck by the Federal Government with the private Terminal Operators have yielded massive growth and generated huge revenue into the government’ coffers, the Bureau for Public Enterprise (BPE) has said.
8 Aug 2019
As humans, growth is constant we always want to do better and be better. Often, we see ourselves changing jobs and aiming for better opportunities and higher pay. Below are some things to look out for when you are changing jobs. Benefits When looking for a new job, as much as you have to look…
16 Jul 2019
It is clear from all indications that authorities in the nation’s capital need a lot of reforms to sustain economic growth in the country. The reason for this claim is obvious.
6 May 2019
Sir: I want the Nigerian youths who are waiting for a miracle to happen that the people who are living their dreams are people who know that if anything is going to happen, it’s up to them. Most people these days are not willing to push themselves from their comfort zone. If you are stuck…
15 Oct 2018
The joy of childbirth is limitless. It is an exhilarating experience for women that is often hard to understand because there is nothing comparable to birthing another human being. It is not always jollof rice and small chops, having a baby is a mix of emotions, fraught with pain, anxiety and laughs, but that’s what…
Paul Arkwright
26 Jul 2018
The British High Commissioner in Nigeria, Ambassador Paul Arkwright has described African countries as great in potentials but lacking in good leadership system.  Arkwright, represented by Brigadier Charles Calder of the British Armed Forces said recently at the valedictory programme for the 2018 final year students of Thomas Adewumi International College, Oko (TAICO) in Kwara…
15 Jul 2018
The change in Nigeria’s climate and weather patterns has been linked to the drastic depletion of trees and vegetation across the country. This has consequently led to increased flooding, loss of freshwater due to receding rivers, poorer soils, and irregular farming cycles, among myriad problems. Plant conservation, a broad group of activities that aim to…
21 Jun 2018
The Zone Tech Park, an innovation centre, is set to focus on 20 thematic economic sectors to promote growth on the continent, as part of efforts towards addressing the developmental challenges facing Africa, and Nigeria in particular. The Project Director of the innovation centre, Taiwo Oyewole, in a chat with journalists recently in Lagos, said…
21 Jun 2018
Chief Executive Officer of Jars Educational group, Dr. Akindotun Merino has urged government at all levels to commit more funds into the sector, saying this would aid the development of the country.    She noted that the quality of education has to be upgraded to stimulate personal discoveries and experiential learning that elevates and culminates…
18 Jun 2018
Governments can still cap temperatures below the strict 1.5 degrees Celsius (2.7° Fahrenheit) ceiling agreed in 2015 only with “rapid and far-reaching” transitions in the world economy, according to the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The final government draft, obtained by Reuters and dated June 4, is due for publication in October in…
12 Jun 2018
The Group Chief Executive Officer of Mc-Clique Brands Associates, Eddy Ademosu, has stressed the importance of integrity and adherence to corporate governance code as prerequisite for business growth. Speaking at the yearly general meeting luncheon of Business Club Ikeja, in Lagos, recently, he stated that adherence to the codes as envisioned by the board and…


4 hours ago
Former US president Barack Obama was due to campaign Saturday in a neck-and-neck state election touted as a bellwether of public opinion on Joe Biden's first year in the White House.
4 hours ago
Robert Lewandowski stated his case to win the Ballon d'Or by scoring his 10th Bundesliga goal in nine games this season for leaders Bayern Munich
5 hours ago
The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) says its aircraft in Operation ‘Hadin Kai’ (OPHK) have continued to pound insurgent targets on islands
5 hours ago
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Saturday told his foreign minister to expel the ambassadors of 10 countries including Germany
5 hours ago
The military on Saturday conducted a combined route march in Maiduguri for security agencies to keep fit and synergise for effectiveness.