Sunday, 26th June 2022
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Hydro Electric Power Project

27 Dec 2020
Kano State Government has approved the release of N32,429,000 to Ministry of Education for registration of disabled indigent candidates in National Examination Council (NECO), National Board for Arabic and Islamic Schools....


Recently, there have been concerns about climate change and the need to recycle, reuse and repurpose organic and inorganic wastes to reduce pollution.
Given the rising poverty, neglect and injustice in the country, Zakat- a tax on wealthy Muslims - comes as a golden lifebelt to the poor and downtrodden.
Without a doubt, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations is a global policy document that is human rights driven.
Emiye Girl statue is the brainchild of Manasseh Emamoke Imonikebe, the sculptor of Unknown Corper. The Emiye Girl is a 6ft tall sculpture in mortar produced in 1982. The sculpture stands at the entrance
2 mins ago
The newly installed President of Nigerian Academy of Engineering, Prof. Peter Onwualu, has advised the Federal Government to revive the Ajaokuta Steel Mill through Public-Private Partnership.