Thursday, 26th May 2022
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3 days ago
Tobechukwu Ejiofor, better known as Illbliss, a Nigerian rapper and actor, has spoken out about his eight-year fight with infertility. The actor, who is best known for his portrayal as Odogwu Malay in the film 'King of Boys,' remarked that the eight-year span felt incomplete for him and his wife, Munachiso. Speaking to the media,…
25 Mar 2021
Fertility is the ability of a person or couple to conceive. Infertility is when they haven’t conceived after a year of regular sexual intercourse. Advancing age affects both male and female fertility, though the effects are more significant in women.
30 Jan 2020
Can regular intake of tigernuts protect against stroke, infertility in men and diabetes? Recent studies have demonstrated how the local delicacy enhances optimal health.
12 Dec 2019
A fertility expert, Dr. Abayomi Ajayi, has stressed the need to educate Nigerians right from the primary school on how to retain their fertility.
30 Oct 2019
First Lady Aisha Muhammadu Buhari has urged Africans to change their perception of women’s infertility as an abnormal condition and also desist from attaching a stigma to women having the condition.
24 Oct 2019
A new study suggests that making your own meals protects you from toxic ‘forever chemicals’ linked to reproductive and immunity problems and cancer. Scientists at the Silent Spring Institute found that people who ate home-cooked meals more often had fewer of these chemicals, known as PFAS, in their bodies.
21 Sep 2019
Infertility generally is the inability of a couple to achieve a conception after one-year of unprotected sexual intercourse, and of course that has to do with regular sexual intercourse.
25 Aug 2019
Reproduction is regarded as a basic function of life. Inability to reproduce, also known as infertility, is a widespread problem in our today’s societies, given that the population suffering...
14 Mar 2019
For couples, when it takes longer than usual to get pregnant, the first thing you want to know is why. So you go to the doctor and run all series of tests, to researching family medical history to physical examinations and everything else in between—and still nothing. What exactly is the problem then? About 30…
28 Feb 2019
With the rising numbers of non-communicable diseases in the world, especially Nigeria, medical experts have stressed the need to embrace Bariatric surgery to prevent the adverse effects of these diseases on human lives, which sometime leads to preventable death. The team of medical experts from Euracare Multi-Specialist Hospital, Lagos, which comprises Bariatric surgeon and anesthesiologist,…
19 Nov 2018
Climate change could pose a major threat to male fertility scientists have warned, as heatwaves cause serious and long-lasting damage to sperm.A study exposed beetles to artificial heatwaves and discovered increased temperatures are responsible for significant drops in male fertility.
10 Nov 2018
Over time there has been varying school of thoughts, facts and myths about fertility for both men and women alike. The trick question here is if age directly affects fertility in men and women? And as for men, age matters too. Sorry to burst your bubble guys. While fertility declines earlier in women, a man’s ability…


7 mins ago
Meme tokens are crypto tokens made as a joke to make fun of a particular internet concept. The first meme token was Dogecoin (DOGE) and it was made by Billy Markus to poke fun at Bitcoin and the many cryptocurrency tokens that were being made at that time. 
17 mins ago
As Nigeria’s main opposition party, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) makes final preparation for its highly anticipated presidential primaries scheduled for this weekend in Abuja, the aspirants are also in final race to politick their way to pick the party’s coveted ticket. For over three months now, aspirants have transversed the length and breadth of the…
36 mins ago
  Who hasn’t imagined winning a huge lottery jackpot? Your dreams of spending the prize money may kick into high gear every time Mega Millions is on the rise, but you may have been discouraged by thinking that the only way you could play Mega Millions was if you travelled to the United States to…
52 mins ago
Retailers and consumers of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), also known as cooking gas, on Thursday decried the hike in the price of the product across the country.
54 mins ago
Ellen DeGeneres fought back tears on the final episode of her TV show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The final episode of the nineteen-season long show, is scheduled to air on Thursday, May 26.  In a newly released snippet from the show's final episode, Ellen emerges from behind a screen, visibly oveEllen DeGeneres fought back tears…